Words Words Words

Far too many of them for my liking today. I seem to be incapable of keeping a word count below any limit I am given.

Case in question – Silver Flash.

Even knowing that it is going to be a serial so the story does not have to conclude within 1000 words, I cannot seem to get the scene break to the place I want it without going over the word limit. I have been cutting words and sentences left right and centre to get it within the allocated word count. Now I am just getting annoyed with myself.

On a more productive note I have tracked down a few pictures to head up the static pages on this blog that didn’t already have something there. The hunks on my biography page and the blogging cat on the guest bloggers page are my favourites.

Speaking of guest bloggers – I am now booked up right through March. But if you are looking for April and onwards then please let me know.

Now, back to editing The Heart of Eden. Another story that got far longer than I intended… by about 10,000 words! Though I suspect if it is accepted for publication those words will be drastically reduced in editing.

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