The Heart of Eden Submitted

I think I have done as much as I can with this story before the professionals get to see it and finally submitted it to Silver Publishing yesterday evening.

Now it is the nail-biting time of waiting to see if they want it.

I really hope it is accepted and I do feel it is in a better state than the first two stories I submitted to them. The pre-edit tips from Silver were a lot of work, but I hope I did everything okay and that they feel it is worthy of them.

I just wish that the nauseating wait got better, but if anything I think this time is even worse than before.

The first time I submitted (Touch of a Ghost) I was sure that it would be rejected and wasn’t expecting to hear anything other than “not for us”. The second time I submitted I was so busy with offline stuff I didn’t have much time to be worried.

Now I just hope that Silver still want me in their author stable. They have grown so much in the last few months and have a lot of very well-known and amazing authors with them. I guess I am keeping my fingers crossed that they still have room for a relative newbie with them.

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