Six Sentence Sunday

Since I appear to have jinxed myself by posting six sentences from a WIP that I was hoping would be accepted for publication I now find myself scratting around for six sentences from my two published works.

Sorry, I suddenly don’t like the idea of tantalising people with sentences from something that is never going to be available to read in full. I just wish I had been my usual pessimistic self when I started this feature two weeks ago.

Since my two published stories are very short I am going to be struggling to post six sentences every week. So I am probably going to do something like make this a monthly post, or perhaps just put it on hold until I have more of a backlist to pick those sentences from.

But for this week here are five sentences – sorry skimping on the number as well this week – from Touch of a Ghost.

Despite his best intentions, Andy found himself starting to get a little curious about his ghostly guest. He didn’t even know his name. From the sneaky looks out of the corner of his eye, he managed to get a good look at his handsome uninvited visitor. With dark hair, blue eyes and a strong jaw line, he certainly had the right features for the brooding look, but when he smiled, as he did each time their team scored, his face lit up, and Andy’s breath caught in his throat.

If he hadn’t been so busy drooling, Andy might have taken a moment to be worried about his reaction to the presence of the undeniably sexy spook.

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