Guest Blogger – Lynn Crain

Please welcome my latest guest blogger, Lynn Crain.

Thanks for blogging with me, Lynn.


Creating The Perfect Series

Once I was published, I had a ‘what now’ moment. In that moment of OMG, I wondered where do I go from this very spot and how do I get there. So now, I’m contemplating my next work and decide I want something where I can take the them beyond book one. I had always loved series when I read science fiction and fantasy. I had loved how Janet Dailey tied all her romance novels together in the eighties.

So, just what was I going to do?

I sat down and knew I wanted to write something specific to Christmas. I love Christmas. Here in the desert, we have been blessed only a few times with snow which had me jazzed to no end. Now it doesn’t stay long but it is certainly an inspiration when it happens. But the months before Christmas were pretty boring, so I attempted to bring Christmas a little closer by coming up with a plot which involved a place with a lot of snow.

And since I wrote romance, I had to make it sexy and cool and wonderful. So, I sat down and thought hard. Just how was I going to get this going? And how was I going to get Santa involved? Then moving on, I thought what does Santa do? Why bring presents of course! Then going a step further, now why would Santa want to bring home a girl? Then suddenly, it all came together like a puzzle in my head.

The first book would be about a sad elf who was lonely and the present Santa brings home for him. And it had to have a great back story I could draw from and the Locklin family of elves were born. So I’d just have to wait for the book to come out to see what would happen.

Well, I got some of the coolest reviews…the best being… ‘This was definitely one of the sweetest erotic romances I’ve read.’ This one actually blew me away as I had thought I was pushing some boundaries here. Nope, turns out it was just good writing and a timely subject.

And the year I was planning the rest of this series was one of those rare times. I could see the snowflakes falling down from my office window and I wondered just what would be next in this wonderful world I had created. Well, there were six siblings, a cousin and some other friends, both elf and humans, who would add to the overall mix.

Originally, I had been set to just do a book at Christmas, then one summer an idea came to me that I just couldn’t get rid of…and that was for the little elf called Eggther. That was last year and I thought what better way than to follow it up with another summer book. And I did.

The next summer, Giselle’s Elf, the sixth book in the series came out. This is the culmination of all those thoughts and classes and experience I have ever had as a writer. That December, book seven, called An Elf’s Love came out and this book along with the last one took a completely different turn than I could have ever imagined.

And of course, that will spawn many, many more books in the wonderful world I created.


Lynn Crain
Experience the Magic

Coming up soon from Lynn Crain


Merrick and Jenna, book 2 in the Captive Illusions series.

You can read an extract here.


The Haunting of Maggie Grey

You can read an extract here.

You can find Lynn at the following locations. ( I blog here on Wednesdays.)

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