Guest Blogger – Xavier Axelson

Hi everyone. It’s Friday again and so that means it’s time for me to pass this blog over to another guest. Plesae welcome Xavier Axelson.

LMB What do you think readers should know about your books before they choose one to read?

XA Great Question! I am an aquired taste for sure! I’ve learned there is a definite difference between the way a Gay man writes about Gay sex and the way a woman writes about it. Neither way is better than the other but I definitely am not for everyone. I tend to write really aggressive sex scenes; this may be because I am a horror writer at heart, I don’t know, but my idea of erotic romance is more Marquis De Sade than Danielle Steele. To me a cock is a cock, not a hard member.

LMB What do you think makes a good male/male romance novel?

XA A sense of realness. Being that I am a Gay male I try to incorporate the essence of what it really feels like when you are in a sexual situation with another man. There is an abandon that happens when you kiss someone of the same sex a taboo that you are both crossing and that is HOT! When you touch them, in some way you are in fact touching yourself; you know what feels good and what buttons to push. I am also not afraid to write unlikeable characters, I’m an anti-hero kind of writer.

LMB There’s nothing wrong with anti-heros. They are some of my favourite characters in literature.

LMB Which authors do you think have inspired you the most and how do you hope to inspire other aspiring writers in the future?

XA I am inspired by anyone who has the balls to put pen to paper, finger to key; writing is a harrowing experience. But I am inspired by Tennessee Williams, Richard Adams and Peter Beagle just to name a few. I do hope to inspire; I actually lead a writers group and have found myself almost by default as a mentor to a group of incredibly talented writers. It’s a wonderful experience.

LMB You have had a very interesting career in the adult industry before (and since) becoming a published writer. What do you think has been the most unusual experience you have had during your career, and have you been tempted to use it in a book?

XA I’m tempted to write a tell-all book that would probably blow the roof off the industry but it’s not time for that…yet! The business has been kind to me, but we are fickle friends.

LMB Oooh, now that would certainly be a best seller.

XA The most unusual experience? Where do I begin? Was it the man who was a secret cross dresser who only came out after his wife was paralyzed from the neck down and woke to find her husband dressed as a nurse? Or the grandfather who I fit into a leather strait jacket last week and sold a tire tread flogger too? You tell me…lol It’s all strange…and wonderful.

LMB What are you working on at the moment, and what can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

XA I am working on a number of different projects. I have two new novellas; Lily’s Father and The Good Cop coming soon. The first is a Father’s Day/Paranormal/Romance and the second is an erotic cop romance with an edge to it.

I also write a sex advice column for and am planning a month long celebration to our senses; where each column will feature an interview or story dedicated to one of the 5 senses…with the 6th sense (my favorite) wrapping the month out.

LMB Sounds like you have a very busy month planned and certainly an interesting one. Thanks for being my guest here today.

Xavier’s latest book to be released is Dutch’s Boy.
Read on to get a taster.


Dutch’s Boy
This story contains: Oral Cowboys, Wild Horses, Gun’s on Trains, Voyeuristic Masturbation, Sugar being used in a most suspect manner and Dangerous Horse Trainers with ulterior motives…Please be careful….


Publisher: Seventh Window Publications


Blake’s eyes were deep gray, like river rock cold and appraising. This was a man who had seen a lot and wasn’t afraid to take advantage if only for his own survival.

“You bring a gun with you, Harry?”

Harry drained his beer before responding, he had been trying not to look directly at Blake, but that familiar twinge between his legs was making it harder to look away. Blake was not a bad looking guy; his eyes sparkled when he smiled, not unlike a snake Harry thought suddenly. Blake’s skin was tanned, weathered, he had worked long and hard in the sun Harry guessed, and when Blake smiled, which was often, Harry noticed the lines that formed by his gray eyes and the corners of his mouth. Harry thought of Reb and the dream then, this wasn’t Reb but Harry wasn’t sure he would ever see Reb again and he was alone.

“You alright, Harry?”

“Yeah fine, why?”

“Cuz I asked you if you brought a gun with you and you’re just staring at me like you’re mute or something.” Blake scratched his stubbly cheek and took a final swig of his beer, those gray eyes still searching Harry.

“Yeah, um, yeah I brought something with me, they took it though, guess I ain’t as clever as you.” Harry nodded towards Blake’s waist.

Blake looked down to wear his gun was secured. “You wanna see it?”

6 responses to “Guest Blogger – Xavier Axelson

  1. Good interview. I noticed there is a difference in the way a gay man writes sex than how a woman writes it. It is edgier and rougher but it fits the story. Women focus on feelings and emotions. Men focus on sensations but somehow the feelings come through, maybe just not as poetically. Dutch's Boy sounds good.

  2. A tire tread flogger? My goodness.

  3. I bought my dog a tire tread chew toy. I can't imagine making a flogger out of a tire but it's good to reduce, re-use and recycle. :PInteresting questions and very interesting responses.

  4. I'm a big fan of horror. Dark and edgy is good. Can't wait to read the tell-all!

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by, and thanks Xavier for being my guest this week.

  6. Thanks for having me and love the comments!

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