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Happy Friday everyone! Are you ready for the weekend?

I hope so, and how about starting the weekend by greeting my guest blogger, Lindsay Klug who is here with a character interview with a twist.

The little burger joint on the corner is nearly abandoned at three in the morning. You’d think people need to sleep or something. Lucky for Delila, I happen to be an insomniac, or else I’d be passed out right now, too. But she asked me to come here and interview her for L.M. Brown’s blog, so here I am.

At least the burger is nice and greasy, literally dripping onto the paper in the basket of fries as I struggle to get a bite into my mouth. The door dings, signaling a new guest or two, and I glance up at the front, expecting to see my lovely vampire friend sauntering in, flashing her brilliant smile.

Instead, my eyes are drawn to a man whose head brushes the top of the door as he holds it for a young woman trying to leave. His face is the type you double take at on the street, with a lip and eyebrow ring, a gauge in his right ear, and beneath his rolled up sleeves on the button down white shirt is a plethora of intricate tattoos. “Excuse me,” he says to the young woman in a voice of liquid velvet that slides across me like a silk robe.

Good Lord, this guy is sex on wheels. He looks over at me with a mischievous grin. Figures I’m in my glasses, jeans, white t-shirt, and flip-flops. Shifting uncomfortably under his stare, I look out the window and wait for Delila’s sleek car to pull into the lot.

But my attention is drawn back to the man as he slides into the booth across from me. He leans back in the seat, arms extended across the back of the seat as if he belongs there. “Um, excuse me,” I say. “I’m waiting for someone.”

“Doesn’t look like he’s here yet,” he replies in that lovely voice.

“She,” I correct. “She’s not here yet.”

A grin breaks across his face and he leans forward suddenly. His eyes are the clearest shade of blue I’ve ever seen, almost reflective. “Even better. What’s with the stuff?” He indicates my equipment: a recorder, a notepad, and my laptop.

“I’m interviewing my friend when she arrives.”

“What’s your name?”


“I’m Nolan. Why not interview me in the meantime?” He grins as I burst into laughter.

“Do you have something interesting to say?” Nolan reaches forward and grabs my hand in an incredibly bold and intimate move for someone who’s just met me.

“I have all sorts of interesting things to say.”

“Okay… Let’s try this for starters.” I flip my notepad open and turn on the recorder for good measure.

“What’s one thing you’ve done this week that would catch a reader’s attention?”

He runs his tongue across his teeth and casts his eyes up at me. A chill washes down my skin. “I killed a man on Wednesday,” he says as though discussing the thunderclouds rolling in from the west.

Swallowing, I stare at him with round eyes. “Pardon?” My voice is barely a squeak. I doubt it will register on the recorder.

Nolan smiles and leans back, stretching his arms out again. “You wouldn’t have liked Bill,” he says, like he’s been my best friend for years. “He ran a meth lab down in a rough neighborhood.”

“A meth lab? As in methamphetamines?”

He chuckles, and the sound rumbles deep into my core. “You’re a quick one, aren’t you? I was going down there to chat with Bill about some money he owes me when I noticed my acquaintance – Beth – leaping into his yard.”

“Leaping?” Nolan gives me a look that screams, You imbecile.

“Yes, Lindsay. Leaping, as in jumping over the gate to gain access to Bill’s yard. Do you understand now?” He leans forward on his elbows and cocks his head to the right.

“Hey now, buddy.” I stab the air with my drink, anger replacing the apprehension. He won’t shoot you in the restaurant, I think to myself. “You sat down with me, remember?”

A muscle flexes in Nolan’s jaw, but he smiles. “Of course I did. To continue, I have a special interest in Beth -”

“What sort of interest?” He is obviously annoyed by this question, but pinches it back and grins.

“You’re inquisitive. Her sister owes me, so I’m claiming Beth. That’s a simple version. Bill hit Beth. I didn’t appreciate that very much. So I killed him.”

I sit back, disturbed by this confession, and contemplate burning the notepad, recorder, and my brain. Tapping my pencil on the table, I look at him. “You just shot him in cold blood?”

Nolan winks and slides out of the booth. “Was that interesting enough for you, Lindsay?”

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