Guest Blogger – Pender Mackie

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for me to hand over my blog to a guest. This week it is Pender Mackie who is in the hot seat to talk about her first book, Scent of Attraction.


Thanks L.M. I’m happy to be here.

LM Your first published book has just been released. How did you prepare for the release and did you do anything to celebrate it on the day?

PM I don’t know if I can say I prepared, but when Scent of Attraction was first accepted I didn’t have a Facebook account or a blog or any kind of web presence. It’s a little hard to let readers know about your book without that so I’ve spent the last couple of months learning how to do the social media thing. I’m not a natural extrovert so it’s a bit daunting for me.

The day my book was released I hosted Silver Publishing’s Facebook page for the day. It was a lot of fun but exhausting. Originally I’d intended to go out to dinner with my family to celebrate, but we ended up ordering in and drinking a couple of bottles of sparkling wine. I was pretty beat so that was more enjoyable for me. (Plus I love any excuse to drink sparkling wine.)

LM When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

PM I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in my teens. I think it’s because I love books and reading so it was a natural extension. I would have liked a career in publishing or editing, but before ebooks came along that wasn’t really an option since I’ve never lived anywhere with much of a publishing industry.

I have a day job where I do a lot of writing but it’s very technical and there’s not much room for creativity. Though until a few years ago that seemed to be enough. I’m kind of an instant gratification girl. I can’t imagine working on an epic novel for several years so I wasn’t very motivated and I’d never really found a subject that inspired me to write regularly. I’d been daydreaming for years but once I discovered man/man romance I didn’t just want to write, I needed to. I have all these ideas and I need to get them out.

LM What do you find to be the allure of writing male/male romances? How do you find it compares to writing about male/female relationships?

PM For me it’s all about the characters. I loved romance novels as a teenager but after a while I stopped reading them. This will probably sound weird, but I didn’t like the heroines. They pulled me out of the story. Every time I read a romance I’d be analyzing the heroine’s behavior and getting annoyed with her. Plus I got a little jealous. All one of those girls had to do was bat her lashes and a hot guy would be falling all over himself to be with her, to protect her. That’s never happened to me no matter how much I fluttered my lashes. It’s gotten me a few free drinks though, back in my clubbing days. LOL

I’ve a few friends that write hetro romances but their heroines are strong, independent women. I still prefer to read and write man/man romance though. When I’m reading a romance about two men I don’t compare myself to either character and I can enjoy the story without getting sidetracked by my petty jealousies.

I’m pragmatic by nature so I want to read and write about believable people and situations that could happen in real life. Plus men are uber hot. And I love writing about men with realistic doubts and fears and strengths.

I usually start a story by thinking up a ‘what if’ scenario. Scent of Attraction is about Shawn, a shy young man that works at a cologne counter in a department store. In this case the ‘what if’ was what if a guy meets someone he’s totally attracted to while the other man is shopping for a present for his boyfriend? In Shawn’s case it’s even worse because since he works at the store he has to help the man pick out the present for his boyfriend.

LM What other stories are you working on and what can we expect to see from you in the coming months?

PM I do have a few works in progress. Right now I’m working on one called Hit and Run. It’s about Gavin, a self-sufficient, slightly anti-social man. On the way home from work he’s mugged by Jamie, a young homeless man. In spite of this, he’s attracted to his young mugger. I even have the blurb written:

Is falling in love with your mugger a crime?

Gavin Andrews thinks so. He has his whole life mapped out. Then he meets Jamie.
Jamie is everything Gavin is not: carefree, irresponsible and with a casual attitude to the law. Taking in a young homeless man isn’t part of Gavin’s plan, especially if he’s a criminal. But Jamie does something unexpected and with that one act of kindness, he turns Gavin’s whole world upside-down.

I really need to find the time to work on this one. It’s so close to completion. I have a couple of other wips too that are only a few chapters away from being finished. If I get some time I might suddenly have them all finished. Wouldn’t that be something!

LM Is there anything you would like readers to know about you and/or your stories?

PM I hate letting my stories go. I’m always sure I can tweak one more word, one more phrase, to polish just a little bit more: Make the finished product just that little bit better.

I’m a real observer of people — introvert here, remember? So I notice how people behave and I try to keep my characters thought process and behavior realistic. I hope my characters come across as someone that you could conceivably meet.

For those that might be interested I’ve included the link for Scent of Attraction’s excerpt as well as the link for my blog. Feel free to drop by and say hi.

Scent of Attraction:

My blog:

Thanks for having me L.M. and thanks everyone for dropping in today.

LM And thanks to you for letting me play host and interviewer.

3 responses to “Guest Blogger – Pender Mackie

  1. That urge to tweak one more word or phrase can be killer. Nice interview!

  2. I have Scent of Attraction and Hit and Run sounds really interesting…can't wait.

  3. Thank you both for commenting. 🙂

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