Guest Blogger – Virginia Cavanaugh

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another guest blogger to take over my blog. Please welcome Virginia Cavanaugh.

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much to L. M. Brown, for allowing me to guest blog here today.

Today I’m here to tell you about Deceptions of Night, book two in the Order of Night series. This book was a real adventure to write. At times I found myself arguing with the characters because they liked to stray off the beaten path. But a few times I let them lead me, and I am glad that I did, because some wonderful scenes, that I hadn’t seen coming, were the result.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt from Deceptions of Night.

Silver Flash


Tempers run hot through the members of the Order of Night as Lex tries to settle in as the new Triad vampire. But when a jaguar attacks him in his bed, his life gets turned upside down, and he discovers a new meaning to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Kill the triad vampire or your brother dies. Shayla grudgingly accepts the assignment. But she soon realizes that success is easier said than done as she lies prone, trapped against the floor and secured by the body of one pissed off sexy leech.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Lex wants answers, and Shayla wants her brother returned alive. They form a shaky truce as they seek out the man who has both. Fierce attraction pushes them closer as mistrust tears them apart.

Deception lays in wait around every corner as they struggle to find the mastermind behind the traitors to the Order of Night. As the tension rises, desire begins to burn with an intensity that threatens to consume, leaving them to question whether they can find what they seek with their lives and hearts intact.


Lex grunted and tightened his grip around the jaguar. The wildcat leaned all its weight to the side and rolled them into another table that sat at the end of the love seat. Lex hissed as his back hit the table leg and the table broke, sending all the stuff on top of it crashing to the floor. His hold loosened, and the jaguar took advantage, swiping its claw across the side of Lex’s face. “Ahhhh! You fucker!”
The cat scrambled away from him, claws sliding across the tile. He reached out and caught one back leg, causing the animal to trip. Then the jaguar turned and sank its teeth into his forearm. Lex decked the cat, and it let go. He didn’t give the hellcat one moment to recover before he’d tackled it back to the ground, this time putting the shifter in a choke hold from behind. The shifter halted all attempts to evade him as he applied pressure to its neck.

“Shift back into your human form now!” Lex ordered through labored breaths, but the jaguar made no move to comply. He increased the pressure and felt the jaguar’s limbs tense as its air flow was cut off. His hold eased up a bit. “I won’t ask again.”

A faint light shimmered under him as the jaguar began to shift. He moved accordingly to keep his hold as the jaguar slowly changed into the form of a human; a very naked female human.

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I hope you enjoyed this look into Deceptions of Night. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first book in the series, Secrets of Night, you can find it here:

Best Wishes,
Virginia Cavanaugh

And thanks to Virginia for blogging with me today. All the best on your new release!

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