I have taken part in NaNoWriMo for the last couple of years and have really enjoyed the challenge.  Last year it was even more challenging than before since I had the release of my first novella Touch of a Ghost the day before NaNo started and had just had my short story Driving Me Crazy accepted for publication in January.  So, as you can imagine it was rather a hectic time.

Sadly, although I have technically “won” each year by writing the requisite number of words, neither of the projects have ever been completed.  The first, a young adult fantasy novel, is undergoing some major re-writes as the plot spiralled well out of control.  The second, a fanfiction story and a sequel to one of my other stories, is also in a state of incompletion and likely to remain so for a while as I am constantly getting caught up with other commitments that mean fanfiction gets put on the back burner.

Now for this year I am of several minds of what I am going to do for NaNo.  These are my options at the moment.

1.  The dream world male/male thriller that is currently in very sketchy note form.

2.  Doing a collection of short stories.  I recall someone asking doing a bunch of short stories last year and it was said to be allowed.

3.  Using a random prompt site and totally winging it.

I might even combine 2 and 3 and use random prompts for short stories. 

Is anyone else participating this year?

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