Six Sentence Sunday

Here is the six sentence Sunday for October.  Again this is from the unedited story so please forgive any silly typos/grammar mistakes.  Another six sentences from Between Heaven & Hell will be posted in November.  

“I’ve killed since becoming a demon and it didn’t seem like the first time.  You might call it déjà vu.  I also saw a few of the others my master recruited after myself and every single one of them had blood on his hands.”

“You don’t seem like a killer right now.”

“I seem like a rather harmless business man, which is exactly how I’m supposed to appear to maintain my cover.  That’s what makes us so dangerous.” 

Coming Soon Cover

Between Heaven & Hell
A m/m/m paranormal romance

What happens when an angel and a demon fall for the same mortal man?
Tristan is about to find out and it will change his life forever.
Coming 2012 from Silver Publishing

6 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Ohhh…interesting!

  2. Hmm, intriguing and sounds yummy!

  3. Thanks Jambrea and Cynthia.I am planning on the six sentences getting hotter as the release date approaches. So watch this space in 2012 for the sexier six sentence Sundays.

  4. Thanks Daryl and Lily.

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