Six Sentence Sunday & Submission News

Can a wrong number lead to Mr Right?

After my usual dithering I am today going to submit my Valentine’s Day story for consideration at Silver Publishing.  They are only looking for eight stories, so I am preparing myself for the worst for this one.  The publisher has a lot of first class authors which makes for some stiff competition (no pun intended).

My story is called Hey Baby and here are six sentences from it.  I won’t be posting any more from this one unless it gets contracted though, so enjoy these as it may be all you see of this one for a long while.

“Hey, baby.  I guess I missed you again.  I’ve been thinking about what you said when you called me the other night.  I suppose if we can’t be together in person then maybe phone sex could be good.”

Nick drew in a sharp breath.  Surely Connor wasn’t going to leave that sort of message on his machine?

2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday & Submission News

  1. Apparently, Connor did! LOL! Great six and GOOD LUCK on the submission.

  2. Thanks. Like I said, they are only looking for 8 stories so I am not getting my hopes up. They have some fantastic authors on their books now so I am sure the competition will be high.

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