Six Sentence Sunday

The last time I posted six sentences from this story was when I had sent it in to the publisher for their consideration.  Now, just a couple of months later, I have a contract and cover art for it.  So here are another six sentences (the first six actually) from Hey, Baby, part of the Gift of Love anthology. 

Nick Davis stumbled from his bedroom into the kitchen, cringing at the bright sunlight of the January morning.  He snapped the blinds down, causing him to simultaneously sigh with relief at the more subdued light and groan at the sound which echoed far too loudly for his liking.  Every step he took was careful and measured, so as not to make his aching head pound any more than necessary.  He spared a glance at the blinking red light on the answering machine indicating a new message.  Suspecting it to be a slightly belated Happy New Year message, and probably a loud one, Nick left it for the moment and headed for the fridge and a hangover cure in the form of hair of the dog, also known as a nice cold beer. 

Damn, what had he done last night?  

Hey, Baby by L.M. Brown
Part of the Gift of Love Anthology
Coming 11th February 2012
From Silver Publishing
Visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site here.

4 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hate mornings like that. Great descriptions xx

  2. Somebody's hung over…lol. Great six!

  3. Very good use of description there. You did a great job of giving us a glimpse of Nick's character in how he's handling that hangover 😉 And congrats on the acceptance into the anthology!

  4. LOL. Don't we all hate mornings like that?Thanks for commenting everyone and thanks Ana for the congrats.

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