Silver Flash – Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping by L.M. Brown
A Male/Male Romance
Neil took a deep breath and forced his feet to move in the direction of the store he had been avoiding all afternoon.

He had bought Christmas gifts for everyone except the man he loved.  There was no putting it off any longer.

The first thing that struck him was surprise.  He had expected the place to be empty of men, but instead there were actually several browsing the small shop.

“Can I help you?”  Neil started at the voice and nearly dropped one of his bags.  “Sir?”

“Erm…”  Neil, who was normally never at a loss for words, stumbled over his own tongue.

“Christmas shopping for your girlfriend?” the assistant asked. 

Neil supposed her assumption was a natural one to make.  He wasn’t brave enough to correct her.  It had taken all of his courage just to walk into the shop in the first place.

The assistant, Jane according to her name badge, smiled at him with what she probably thought was understanding.  “Do you know what size she wears?”

Neil shook his head.  He knew nothing about the size of women’s under garments at all.  As far as he knew Christian didn’t actually own any, at least not yet.

He had caught his lover leafing idly through the lingerie catalogue a few weeks ago.  It had prompted a discussion between them that was probably long overdue. 

Christian had nervously confessed the reason he had delayed in moving in with Neil for so long had been because of his fondness for dressing up in the clothes belonging to his sister Tess.  He had been reluctant to leave the easy access sharing a flat with his sibling had afforded him, and had been somewhat nervous about how Neil would react to his revelation.

Neil had been surprised but supportive, but since he was very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy he wasn’t able to help with Christian’s dilemma right away.  Still, with Christmas just around the corner, Neil had at least known just what to get his lover.

A little sleuthing and sneaking around Tess’s wardrobe had got Neil enough information about most clothes sizes.  Unfortunately, he drew the line at going through her underwear drawer.  Which left him standing in the middle of the lingerie store without the vaguest clue what he was doing. 

Neil let Jane guide him through the shop, occasionally shaking his head or shrugging in response to her questions.  Maybe this hadn’t been such a great idea.

Jane picked up a lacy two piece bra and panties set.  “These are one of our best sellers.  They come in most sizes.  Perhaps you might like to check out the labels of what she already has and then come back again.”

Neil shook his head.  Damn, this was difficult.  Jane rattled on about cup sizes while Neil silently contemplated the idea of bolting for the exit. 

He could tell Jane’s patience was starting to wear thin, even though she kept a bright smile plastered to her face.

“This was a bad idea,” he finally blurted out.  “I’ve no idea what the hell I’m doing here.”

Jane put the two piece set back on the rail.  “Don’t worry about it.  You aren’t the first man to come in here unprepared.  You just need to do your homework and come back here to pick out the perfect present.”

Neil nodded dumbly.  He had already brought Christian a little black dress, shoes, stockings and a whole bunch of accessories.  Maybe he could just wear them with his usual boxers. 

No.  Christian was yearning for the entire experience and Neil was going to give it to him for Christmas. 

Jane had started to walk away from him and before he could think it through Neil grabbed hold of her arm and stopped her.  “Wait, please.”

Jane sighed.  “Without the right sizes I really can’t help you get it right.”

Neil closed his eyes so he wouldn’t see her reaction to his next words.  “He’s the same size as me.”


Neil opened his eyes again and chewed on his lip as he watched Jane recover herself remarkably swiftly. 

“Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.”  Jane tapped her lower lip and began to rattle off one question after another as she grabbed one item after another from the rails.

“But what about size?” Neil asked.

“There are changing rooms in the back,” Jane replied as she pointed him in the right direction.

“Whoa.  No!  I’m not trying this shit on.”

Jane gave him a smile that was quite possibly the most evil one he had ever seen.  “You are if you want to get the right size.”

“You know, I think maybe he’s a little broader across the back than I am.”

Jane raised a brow sceptically.

Neil shuffled his feet.  “Well, when he wears my shirts they always look tighter on him than they do on me.”

Jane gave him another nudge towards the changing rooms.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Am I even allowed in the changing rooms here?” Neil asked desperately.

“We have a men’s section, you know.”

There was no getting out of it.  Neil ducked his head and ran the rest of the way to the back of the store. 

He finally left the store an hour later with several sets of lingerie and a useful little leaflet advertising the shop’s online store, which Jane assured him had section he and his boyfriend would find very useful when it came to filling out those cups. 

Neil jostled his way through the rest of the Christmas shoppers, content with his afternoon’s work.  He hoped Christian appreciated what he had gone through today.

In his mind’s eye he could picture Christian in the outfit he had purchased for him.  The silky black dress, dainty shoes and diamond jewellery would look perfect on him.  Then later he would undress him and…

Neil was getting hot just thinking about it. 

He would enjoy Christian’s present as much as his lover.

The End
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