Silver Flash – The Switch

The Switch by L.M. Brown
A Male/Male Romance
Shawn sat up in bed and groaned loudly. 
The lump at the side of him shifted to slide into the warm spot.
“I’m ill,” Shawn complained.
“Hung over,” came the extremely unsympathetic and mumbled reply from under the duvet.
Shawn crawled back under the covers and snuggled close to his lover.  “If you called in sick for me they’d believe you.”
“You’re the boss; you can pull a sickie if you like.”
“It sets a bad example.”
“Then go in.”
“But I’m ill.”
“Then stay home.”
Shawn groaned again and nuzzled David’s neck.
“I have a plan,” Shawn whispered. 
“Your brother?”
Shawn nodded.
David pushed him away to look him in the eye.  “You aren’t seriously considering doing something stupid like sending Graham into work in your place?”
“We’re identical twins.  We can fool anyone.  No one at work has ever met him.  He’ll pass as me easily.  I seem to recall he even fooled you once or twice.”
“Not completely.  I figured it out eventually.”
“You never did tell me how you knew he wasn’t me.”
David evaded the question as he always did.  “Back to your brilliant plan – what happens when Graham tries to do your job for you?”
“It’s not like sitting in an office is dangerous and no one ever does any work between Christmas and New Year anyway.  If it wasn’t for head office I’d keep us closed until after New Year.”
“What makes you think Graham would want to go into work in your place?”
“Because he’d think it’s a laugh.  We always used to swap places when we were kids.  In fact, it’s only since we got together we’ve stopped pulling the old twin switch.”
“It is?”
“Yes.  We used to do it all the time with guys we dated.  You know what they say, double your pleasure, double your fun.  We used to see if we could fool each other’s boyfriends.  You were the only one who ever figured it out.”
“Yeah.  I think that was when I realised you were the one for me.  You knew me well enough that Graham couldn’t fool you.  No way was I sharing you after that.”
“I can’t believe someone as possessive as you are shared any lovers with your brother,” David teased.
“We shared everything… except you.”
David smiled at him and ran his hand over his chest.  “Now I want you to call in sick.”
“Let me give Graham a call, see if he’s up for some mischief.”
“What if he causes trouble at work?”
“Then I’ll drag him in there again tomorrow and he can apologise to all the people he’s offended.”
“Won’t you get into trouble for sending him in?”
“Maybe, but I’ll worry about that tomorrow.  Let me call him.”
Five minutes later, with very little pleading on Shawn’s part, Graham was heading into work in his brother’s place and Shawn was back in David’s arms.
“This is how I knew it was you,” David whispered before he kissed him.
The slap round the face from his secretary, Stephanie, was the first clue Shawn had that things hadn’t gone as perfectly as he had hoped in his absence.
“What the hell was that for?”
“For cheating on a lovely bloke like David with that man-slut in accounts.”
“I saw him giving you a blow job in the stock cupboard.  And I don’t care if you fire me for slapping you.  You deserve it.”
Shawn chuckled and shook his head.  “I’m not going to fire you.  I have a job for you this morning.  Give me five minutes to get a coffee and come into my office.”
“You want me to spend my morning gossiping?” Stephanie asked.
“No, just gathering all the gossip about me from yesterday.”
“What exactly am I supposed to be finding out?”
“Whatever you can.”  Knowing Graham as well as he did, it was probably an eventful day and he wanted as much information as he could get.  “Let me know what you find out after lunch.”
Stephanie left his office with a confused expression on her face.  He supposed he couldn’t blame her.
Shawn opened up his emails to a flood of messages.  At first he thought perhaps Graham hadn’t checked them for anything important – he had been under instructions to call him if something urgent arose.  Then he realised most of the messages were from the day before.  A quick glance through them revealed Graham had spent a large portion of the day flirting with just about everyone in the office, male and female alike.  Shawn supposed he was lucky he had only been slapped by Stephanie.  Graham’s flirting could have got him punched out by any one of a number of the men. 
Had he really found it fun to swap places with Graham when they were kids?
Now he thought about it, he realised he was always in more trouble just after a switch.
Stephanie sat across from him after lunch with a notebook in hand.  Apparently there was so much gossip she needed to take notes.
“Okay, let’s hear the worst of it?”
“I think the worst was the blow job.”
“Okay, second worst?”
“Tough choice really.”  And Stephanie began to rattle off a long list of transgressions ranging from copping a feel of the IT Manager’s arse to the aforementioned blow job in the stock room, which apparently was the talk of the office.
Having suspected as much from the emails, Shawn hit Graham’s number on his mobile.  “Where are you?”
“Outside your office, waiting for your call.”
“Get up here now.”
Stephanie looked more confused than ever.  Shawn grinned at her expression as Graham strolled in the door.  He always liked seeing the look on people’s faces when they realised he was a twin.
“Had fun yesterday?” Graham asked.
“Apparently not as much as you did.”
Stephanie laughed as the penny dropped.  Shawn chuckled as he shooed her out the door with orders to go gossip.


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