Happy New Year Everyone!

Honestly, if I can’t even manage to post my new year resolutions here on time is there any chance of my keeping them?
I sincerely hope so.
My resolutions for the new year are pretty standard, at least for writers so here goes…
1.  To write 500 words a day on any of my projects.  I figure this is easiliy doable and while I will no doubt write more on a regular basis, on the days when I am just not feeling in a writing mood this figure is small enough not to be daunting.  Only excuses for not writing are no computer (sorry, I really don’t do handwritten), illness and edits.  Since the latter involves writing anyway it isn’t like that is counted as slacking off.
2.  Do more to try to promote my books.  Get into a routine and keep to it. 
3.  Get the first sequel to Between Heaven & Hell finished and submitted to the publisher this year.  Or, at the very least get the first draft done.
4.  The obligatory lose weight – which never seems to happen but I’ll sling this one in there anyway.

How about your resolutions?

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