Wednesday Briefs – Save the Last Dance for Me

Save the Last Dance for Me by L.M. Brown
A male/male story
Miles stood across the road from the club staring at the men and women slowly filing in past the bouncer.  It didn’t look so different from the other clubs he had been to.  From the outside he’d never have guessed it catered to the homosexual community.

His eyes darted up and down the street as the queue disappeared inside.  Once he was sure there was no one in sight who would recognise him, and there were only a handful of people left waiting to go in, he dashed across the road and joined the end of the queue.

Inside things didn’t seem so different either.  At least until you looked at the couples on the dance floor.

Miles was transfixed by the vision of male bodies pressing against each other in the heat of the club.  There were women there too, but he only had eyes for the men.

His mouth watered as two particularly talented men began to grind together in a rhythm that should probably be illegal.

Tearing his eyes away he made a beeline for the bar and ordered a beer. 

Perched on a bar stool, Miles sipped his drink as he watched the dance floor.  Damn, he wished he could move like the other clubbers.  He had two left feet and never knew where to put his arms.  He could never look as graceful as the couples who held his attention.

He had been watching them nearly an hour when he spotted one particularly talented man dancing in the middle of the floor.  He twisted and gyrated and rubbed up against his dance partner with moves that would have had Miles coming right there on dance floor.

Miles couldn’t take his eyes off him.

The dancer didn’t stick with one partner.  He danced with several different men over the course of the next hour and Miles wondered briefly what it would be like to dance with someone like that.  Then he remembered his lack of talent on the dance floor.  He’d probably break the poor man’s foot if he was his partner.

Miles was on his third beer of the night when the dancer suddenly caught him staring.  He smiled widely and winked at him before twisting around in the arms of his current partner.

The music changed and the dancer left the floor, waving a hand in front of his face and gesturing towards the bar.  His partner nodded and turned to dance with someone else.

Miles shifted nervously on his stool as the dancer weaved his way through the crowd towards him. 

The dancer waved over the bartender before turning to Miles.  “Thirsty work, dancing.”

Miles smiled and nodded, even though he hadn’t set foot on the dance floor himself.

“I’m Seth.”


Seth gulped down his Coke and put the glass on the bar.  “You want to dance?”

Miles was torn between wanting to know what it would be like to dance with someone like Seth and fearing making a complete fool of himself.  “I don’t think so.”

Seth looked disappointed.  “Oh. Sorry, I thought you were watching me because you wanted to join in.”

“I… um… It’s just… I…”  Miles stumbled over his words, feeling like an idiot.

“Don’t worry about it.  I’ll leave you to your beer.  Nice meeting you.”

Miles cursed his total ineptitude as he watched Seth return to the dance floor.  He’d blown his chance completely.

* * * *

The next day Miles was in one of the local internet chat rooms, the same one he had heard about the club in, waiting for any of his friends to come online.  Maybe they would have some advice for him.  The room was pretty empty, just four other members in it and none of them posting.  Suddenly a new message popped up on the screen from Will.

Seth, where did you disappear to last night?

Miles immediately recognised the name as the dancer’s.  Could it be the same person?

A minute later another message popped up, this time from SBates.

Hey man.  I went home.

With who?

No one.

Are you sure?

No.  I was so drunk I may have got lucky and forgotten.

I thought you were drinking Coke.

I was being sarcastic. Yes, I was alone.

What happened with the bloke you were eyeing up half the night?


Liar! I saw you talking to him at the bar. Are you sure you didn’t go home with him?

Drop it Will.

He couldn’t take his eyes off you.


As your cousin I have the right to know when you get lucky.

I already told you, I didn’t.  He knocked me back. 


Miles felt uneasy reading the discussion.  Were they talking about him?

I asked him if he wanted to dance and he said no.  End of story.

Sorry cuz.  I know how much courage it took you to go ask. 

It doesn’t matter. 

Sure it does.  I’ve been telling you for years, if you had as much confidence off the dance floor as on it you’d get a bloke in no time.

Miles wasn’t entirely sure they were talking about him, but he had to know.  He quickly found a photo of himself on the computer and sent it to Seth with a private message.

Seth, was it me you approached last night?

The reply was several minutes in coming.


Just one word.  Nothing else.

Miles felt like a complete git.  From the online discussion it was obvious Seth possessed far more courage than he did.  It was time for that to change.

I wanted to say yes.  I just don’t know how to dance.

Seth’s next reply was quicker.

I can teach you if you like?

Miles suspected lessons wouldn’t make any difference, but he wasn’t going to blow his chance a second time.

As long as you save the last dance for me.

The End
Special thanks to Chris Quinton, Cinderella and Genevieve for giving my characters names for this one.
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12 responses to “Wednesday Briefs – Save the Last Dance for Me

  1. Ooh, nice. I like the insecure ones, they're so cute and you feel so proud of them when they finally get the guts up enough to DO something. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That was so very sweet, you brought tears to my eyes. Lovely story, LM!

  3. Loved it. 🙂 I love chatroom conversations. Thank heaven for IM. Great story

  4. That was super sweet. Loved that Miles had the courage to explain his reason to Seth. Very Good!

  5. Thanks for commenting. I am glad you liked it. I love to see characters finding their courage myself.

  6. Thanks. I seem to be on a sweet kick at the moment for some reason.

  7. LOL. I like chatroom conversations too, though must have altered the font about a dozen times to get one that wasn't too similar to the text when it was posted here. Thanks for commenting.

  8. Thank you for commenting. I'm glad you liked the sweetness.

  9. OMG, that was so good. So sweet too!

  10. Thanks Sara. I do tend to veer towards sweet a lot.

  11. See I love it!! So very much but I have a major problem I always what more.LOL Thanks sweet.

  12. Thanks Cinders. Wanting more would definitely be a good thing from my point of view. LOL. I may return to some of these characters to show other quick glimpses of their lives, but no promises. It just depends on when inspiration strikes. I would just rather not attempt a chaptered fic for flash fiction again any time soon.

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