Six Sentence Sunday

In honour of the launch of Silver Publishings‘ new Silver Shorts Free Reads here are six sentences from my first story which will be available here on my blog and via Silver Publishing this coming Wednesday.

Kim continued to put things away as he considered another closet they had issues with, this one the figurative kind.

“What have you told your parents?” Kim asked as they made up the bed they would be sharing.

“Just that I was moving into the house this weekend with a roommate.”

“A male roommate?”

Ashley looked away as he answered.  “I told them your name when they asked.”

For more six sentences from your favourite authors please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site by click here.

2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. An intriguing six! Congrats on your upcoming releases! 🙂

  2. Thanks. The second release date (March one) is still tentative so it may change, but with less than a week until the February release I have plenty to keep me busy.

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