Release Day & Blog Hop Contest

Gift of Love Anthology
Hey, Baby by L.M. Brown
Today is the release date for the male/male Valentine’s anthology Gift of Love, which includes my short story Hey, Baby.
Can a wrong number lead to Mr Right?
Nick Davis’s life is stuck in a rut until a stranger starts leaving messages on his answer machine. Connor Hayes has mistaken Nick’s number for that of his boyfriend, giving Nick an idea of what it would be like to have Connor in his life. Connor seems like his ideal man and although Nick knows he’s not Connor’s ‘baby,’ he can’t stop himself wishing he were.
After the wrong number issue is resolved, Nick doesn’t expect to hear from Connor again. He’s pleasantly surprised when he does. Unfortunately for Nick, Connor isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He already has one and now he wants Nick to help organise a surprise Valentine’s weekend for the couple.
Can Nick put his own feelings aside to make sure Connor’s Valentine’s Day plans go smoothly?
Available from Silver Publishing and many other ebook distributors.

14 Days of Romance

In celebration of the new release I am going to be blogging with Amber Leigh Williams today and talking about my own favourite romance novels.  Do stop by and check it out.

But not before you check out the contest below.

With Love Valentine’s Day Blog Hop

How would you like to win an ebook copy of the Gift of Love anthology?
Just comment on this post and you will be entered into the With Love Valentine’s Day Blog Hop Spot contest.  Please remember to leave contact details/an email address so I can get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner.

If you are in difficulty in commenting (I understand blogger is being tempermental) please email your entry to me at lmbrownauthor at gmail dot com with the subject “With Love Valentine’s Day Blog Hop Spot Contest Entry”.  

The contest will close at midnight on the 14th February 2012 and a winner will be chosen via  

For lots more exciting contests, click on the button below and see who else is taking part in the blog hop.

44 responses to “Release Day & Blog Hop Contest

  1. This looks like a great read.

  2. Thanks. I have still got to read the other stories myself but I am sure they will be great.

  3. Hey, I finally got the thing to post! Ihope to win the contest. The book looks great.Randy Wigginsrwig43@yahoo.com

  4. Yay. Glad it is finally working for you.

  5. I would love to read this book…

  6. If you get the chance to, I hope you enjoy it.

  7. Hope you have a naughty Valentine's Day.

  8. Great anthology. And I can't wait until Between Heaven and Hell comes out. :)Enter me in your give-away? And please hop on by mine, if you like.K-lee Kleinkleemoon66 @ gmail.com

  9. well this looks awesome please enter me in the give away.normanielsen@bigpond.com

  10. This looks awesomeHappy valentines daySarah SSarahs7836(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. What's great about anthologies is that you get to read 3 great stories instead of one.Hope your Valentine is good to you,

  12. Count me in please. Love finding new (to me) authors.

  13. HiConsider yourself entered. I also can't wait until Between Heaven & Hell comes out. Getting quite nervous, though since it still has to go through the proof reading stage I am sure I will be too busy over the next few weeks to get really jittery about it.

  14. Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to follow me.

  15. Thanks.And a Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

  16. I love anthologies too. I also find a lot of new authors that way, especially when I have bought one for one author and really enjoyed one of the other stories as well.Happy Valentine's Day!

  17. Thanks for stopping by and taking part. I love finding new authors too. Since I am fairly new to the m/m genre I am in seventh heaven myself with all the "new" authors I keep finding, who have actually been around for years.

  18. Congrats on your new release. I would love to read so please include me.debby236 at gmail dot com

  19. The cover is absolutely stunning. Congrats on your release! Always a euphoric feeling just after a work comes out – or for me, at least, hehe ^.^Ericaeripike at gmail dot com

  20. Sounds great and congrats on the release! Please enter me in your contest. Happy Valentines Day!

  21. I like the blurb for "Hey, Baby", I have to go look for more info about this anthology. 🙂 Happy Valentine's Day!(my email is on my blogger profile)

  22. Thanks. You are entered. Good luck and Happy Valentine's Day!

  23. Reese's covers always are! I love her work.Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by!

  24. Thanks. If you get the chance to read it, I hope you enjoy it.Happy Valentine's Day!

  25. Oh, this anthology sounds wonderful! I shall keep my eye out for it. If I don't win that is! Happy Valentine's Day!ashley.vanburen[at]gmail[dot]com

  26. Hi Rain.Thanks for stopping by.You can read the other blurbs at Silver's site as well as seeing excerpts from all the stories. Happy Valentine's Day!

  27. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Valentine's Day!

  28. HiThanks for stopping by. I hope if you get a chance to read the stories that you enjoy then.Happy Valentine's Day!

  29. I could have sworn I commented but I not see my name here.LOL Please put my name in the hat. Getting it either

  30. Great! I hope I win, this is on my want list! Thanks for being in the hop!

  31. Blogger was acting up a bit this weekend so perhaps it ate your post. LOLI hope you enjoy it whenever you do get a chance to read it.

  32. Thanks for entering the contest. Happy Valentine's Day!

  33. Ooo… Sign me up please. author_shannon_leigh at

  34. Signed you up. And I am in total awe of your jewellery and charms that you have up for prizes. They are just beautiful. I have no patience for stuff like that – I am all butter fingers LOL

  35. Hello L.M.,Thank you for taking part in Drea Becraft's Valentine's Day Blog Hop & being among the 33 M/M Authors for those of us Fans of the M/M Genres.Congrats on the release of your Male/Male Valentine's Anthology Gift of Love. I just Love your Cover Art, it is so Beautiful! I had to rush over to Silver to read a longer Excerpt of your Story, "Hey, Baby" & also "Cupid Darling" by Lydia Nyx & "Sweetie" by Shawn Bailey. All three Stories are sound like Excellent Reads that I's would very much like to Read!I would appreciate if I could be considered for an opportunity to win an ebook copy of the "Gift of Love Anthology". Thank You.Take Care & Happy Valemtine's Day,PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)paranormalromancefan@yahoo.comPS: I am Google Friend Connect Follower of your Blog under the name of: PaParanormalFan

  36. i l love the read and try to finish tomorrow all the blog hop hope you ave great valentine daydesi the blonde at msn dot com

  37. Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for the

  38. HiThanks for entering into the contest and for following my blog. I adore all of Reese's covers. I have yet to see one of them I don't adore. Happy Valentine's Day!

  39. You are certainly doing better than me if you finish the blog hop. My evil day job has kept me from taking part as much as I would have liked. Happy Valentine's Day.

  40. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest.

  41. Thank you sharing and for the great giveaway! Happy Valentines!shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com

  42. Thanks for stopping by and entering the contest.I'll be drawing the winner in just a few minutes. Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

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