Six Sentence Sunday

It’s six sentence Sunday time again and I have six sentences from a WIP I started a couple of months ago – before I got bogged down in editing and new releases.  

It is from a contemporary paranormal short story I am working on for an open call.  Looking at my notes I have a horrible feeling it will get too long but fingers crossed it won’t.  In the meantime, here are six sentences to give you a sneak peek at the story which is entitled Skin Deep.  At least that is the title at the moment.  It is the third title it has had so far so don’t be surprised if I post more from it in a couple of months time with a different title entirely.

He flexed in front of the mirror.  Just once was enough to freak him out.  It was like looking in the mirror and seeing a stranger staring back.  Everything about him was bigger.  He glanced down at his crotch. Okay, not quite everything.  

For more six sentences please click the banner below. 

2 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Oh, very intriguing. I want more! 🙂

  2. Thanks. This one is only going to be a short story so there won't be many more six sentences from it. I am hoping to get it finished in time for an open call deadline at the start of June. *fingers crossed*

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