Six Sentence Sunday

Just to prove I am actually working on the sequel to Between Heaven & Hell, here is the very first teaser for Between Good & Evil.
There won’t be many snippets from this one for quite a while since it is hard to choose six sentences that don’t contain spoilers for the first book.  But I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into what happens next.

Alastor watched as the two men moved slowly beneath the furs.  They were so subtle about it, so quiet and careful in their movements.  Only Alastor, who had woken to them quietly making love so many times before, was able to recognise what it was they were doing.  Tristan was on his side with Mac spooning him.  They were pressed together front to back, rocking slowly in the intimate dance.  Alastor’s breath hitched as he watched Tristan bite down onto his fist in an effort to stifle the sound of his groan. 

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