Wednesday Briefs – Wash Day

Wash Day by L.M. Brown
A male/male story

Sammy sauntered down to the basement with his overflowing bag of dirty clothes.  Even though he knew he was lucky that the owner of converted townhouse had turned the basement into a laundry room for the tenants of the six flats, he still put off doing the laundry until he absolutely had to.
Today it had reached crisis point.  According to Ally from number four, the new resident in number two was a stunning, gorgeous hunk.  She had decided to throw him a welcome party, inviting all the tenants as well as a few of the more sociable neighbours on the street.  Sammy, always up for a party had discovered, to his horror, that he hadn’t a single clean item of clothing in the whole flat.  Which is why, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, he was hauling all his clothing down to the basement instead of relaxing outside in the shared garden.
He could have saved himself some work by merely picking out what he was going to wear tonight and cleaning those, but being a ditherer by nature he knew by the time he decided it would be too late to do the washing.
Even the clothes he had quickly pulled on this morning were grubby with oil and dirt thanks to his spending the morning working on his car.
Sammy filled up the washer with his first load and moved onto the second.  There was no one else in the basement and he knew the routines of the other residents well enough to know he’d have the place to himself this afternoon.  It was for that reason he decided to shuck out of his jeans and t-shirt and throw those in with the rest of the washing.  Standing there in his socks and boxers, he felt a little foolish, but surprisingly removing his socks made him feel less so.
Sammy looked down at his boxers and grimaced.  Only now did he remember he’d not brought his dirty underwear down from his third floor flat.  “For fuck’s sake, Sammy, no one’s going to see your bleedin’ boxers.”
Or would they?
What if his apparently sexy new neighbour was gay?
What if they hit it off right away?
What if he got lucky? 
Seeing no other option, Sammy whipped off his boxers and added them to his third and final load. 
Only after all his washing was spinning around did he realise he was in the basement, naked, without so much as a face cloth to hide his modesty.  Trapped and hoping no one had decided to alter their routine and come downstairs, Sammy turned on the radio to pass the time.
Despite the warm day, the basement wasn’t exactly warm, not when you were starkers anyway.  Sammy shivered and tapped his foot in time to the music.  Foot-tapping became swaying, swaying turned to dancing, and before much longer Sammy was jiving away to the music and singing along.
He wasn’t sure how long he had had company for, only spotting the stranger at the foot of the stairs as he spun round and collided with the edge of one of the dryers.  “Fuck!”
The stranger’s lips twitched as though he was trying not to laugh.   Sammy wanted to sink through the floor.  From Ally’s description this could be none other than the new tenant.  Dark hair, blue eyes, tanned and fit, which would have been perfect if Sammy was meeting him at the party, dressed to kill. 
Instead he was standing in the basement wearing nothing but a frozen smile.  There wasn’t even anything he could stand behind to spare his blushes.
“I was told the basement was the laundry room for all the tenants.”
Sammy nodded.  “It is.  Do you want me to show you how they work?”
“No thanks, I wasn’t planning on doing my laundry.”
“Then why are you down here?”
“Heard the music and thought I’d see who was murdering one of my favourite songs.”  The grin took the sting away from the words.  Sammy knew he had no ear for music and couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket.  “I’m Caleb.  Just moved in this week.”
“I’m Samuel, but most folks call me Sammy.”
“Nice to meet you, Samuel.  So, do you always cavort around naked in public places?”
Sammy wanted the ground to open up and swallow him.  “It’s not like I’m running around in the street,” he muttered. 
Caleb took a step closer his grin widened.  It seemed to have a direct effect on his cock, and Sammy knew there was nothing he could do to hide it.  He hoped like hell that if Caleb wasn’t gay, that at least he wasn’t offended by Sammy’s obvious reaction to his presence.
He got his answer when Caleb’s gaze skimmed his body, clearly checking him out.  Ally was going to be very disappointed. 
“I think maybe I have some clothes to launder after all,” Caleb said.  Without breaking eye contact he reached up to undo the button at the neck of his shirt.
Sammy backed up towards the nearest washing machine.  His heart raced and there was no hiding his arousal.  The more clothing Caleb removed, the harder Sammy became.  The embarrassment would have been excruciating if not for the sight of Caleb’s own erection as he slowly peeled off his trousers and briefs. 
“Um, what are you doing?” Sammy asked.
Caleb gathered up his clothes into a bundle.  “My washing, of course.  Isn’t this how it’s done around here?”
Sammy shook his head and laughed.  “Not usually.”
Caleb gave Sammy’s body another sweeping glance.  “Shame.  I thought maybe I’d actually come to enjoy wash days if this is normal.”
Sammy felt his pulse begin to race.  There was no mistaking Caleb’s meaning. Suddenly wash days were looking a lot brighter for him too. 


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