Silver Shorts – Together

Together by L.M. Brown
A male/male short story
Author Note:  This story is a continuation of my very first flash fiction story Another Way.  Although it does stand alone, it is probably best read after reading the first story. 

Dominic was pretty sure things couldn’t possibly get any more awkward between him and Jody. This had always been one of their favourite times, sitting home on a sofa on a Saturday afternoon, and just hanging out together. Maybe watching a little TV and eating junk food. It had always been the same, until now.
Jody took another sip from his can of Coke as he continued to stare at the television. He had barely said more than two words together since arriving at Dominic’s nearly three hours ago.
Was it always going to be like this?
Jody picked up the remote control and started channel hopping for the fourth time in the last hour. “You’d think there’d be something decent to watch on the telly on a Saturday afternoon,” he complained as he flicked back to the same channel they had already been watching and tossed the remote onto the seat beside him.
Well, at least that was a full sentence from him.
Dominic looked at the space between the two of them. They had never sat so far apart on the sofa before. It was like a gulf had opened between them and it was all his fault.
Yesterday evening he had finally gathered up the courage to tell Jody he was gay. More than that, he had told Jody how he felt about him. He had thought it had gone quite well. Jody had been shocked, but he had quickly recovered enough to kiss Dominic and before they knew it they had been humping each other on Dominic’s bed.
Dominic had been ecstatic to discover Jody had been open to the idea of them becoming a couple. They had kissed and cuddled on the bed until Jody left to return home, promising to see him the next day, just as he always did.
Dominic didn’t know what had gone wrong. He had imagined Jody coming round and things being just the same as usual. Laughing and joking around, being the best friends they had always been, but maybe with a bit more touching and kissing thrown in. Instead, he was sitting at one end of the sofa, with Jody at the other. The conversation had been stilted and strained. The relaxed friendship they shared seemed to have vanished overnight.
There was only one explanation Dominic could come up with. Jody regretted what had happened the previous evening and, consequently, their friendship was ruined.
“What are we doing?” Jody suddenly asked.
Dominic turned to face him. Jody looked back at him and chewed on his lip as he waited for the reply. Dominic made to reach out and tap the lip to stop him biting it through, but he stopped himself just in time.
“That’s what I mean!” Jody exclaimed, throwing himself back against the cushions. “You never used to hesitate to touch me.”
“You mean you still want me to touch you?” Dominic whispered.
“Hell yeah!”
“Then why are you sitting right over there?” Dominic cringed when he realised how snappish his question was.
Jody flushed and ducked his head. “I don’t know how to do this,” he finally replied. “I don’t know how to be someone’s boyfriend. And I really don’t want to screw this up.”
“Oh.” Dominic picked up the remote control and moved it out of the way so he could scoot across the sofa.
“I feel like an idiot,” Jody continued. “It’s always been just you and me, and I haven’t had to know how to do this stuff.”
“Me neither.”
“So what do we do?” Jody looked at him expectantly, like Dominic had all the answers to his questions.
“What do you want to do?”
“Don’t answer my question with another question!”
Dominic laughed at the familiar reprimand.
“Are we boyfriends?” Jody questioned.
“If you want us to be.”
Jody nodded. “Can we be friends as well?”
“Of course. You’re my best mate. I can’t believe you even need to ask.”
“Maybe I had to ask because we’ve barely spoken all afternoon.”
“You’re the one who wasn’t talking to me.”
“You didn’t talk to me first.”
“You were the one sitting as far away from me as possible.”
“I always sit in this seat. You’re the one who moved places.”
Dominic opened his mouth to argue again before he realised how ridiculous they sounded. Jody looked like he had come to the same conclusion and he started to laugh, just a giggle at first, but soon he was verging on hysterics. Dominic couldn’t help but join in and soon they were clinging to each other as they tried to contain their mirth.
“Our first fight?” Jody suggested when they had calmed down a little. “Does that mean we get to have make-up sex now?”
Dominic snorted and shook his head. “How about make-up snogging?”
Jody gave the crotch of his jeans a pointed look. “Snogging like we did last night?”
Dominic felt the denim tighten as his body reacted to the heated look. “Maybe,” he teased, reaching out for Jody’s hand and placing it over the growing bulge.
Jody’s eyes darkened and he tentatively pressed his palm down, eliciting a sharp gasp from Dominic.
“We have the place to ourselves, right?” Jody queried.
“Mum and Dad are away for the weekend. They figure since I’m eighteen they can trust me not to burn the place down or anything.”
Jody leaned forward and brushed his lips over Dominic’s. The kiss was softer than any they had exchanged the previous evening, but quickly deepened.
Dominic took his hand away from Jody’s and placed it on the back of Jody’s head, running his fingers through the blond locks. Jody’s hand remained right where he had left it, casually rubbing him into a fever. Reaching down, Dominic cupped Jody’s arse with his free hand and thrilled at the groan Jody couldn’t hide. Dominic was pretty sure they were heading for a replay of the previous evening, with both of them getting off without removing a single stitch of clothing.
He realised he was wrong when he heard the sound of a zip opening and the pressure on his groin eased a little. It seemed Jody wasn’t going to be satisfied with rubbing up against each other this time.
He pulled away from the kiss and looked questioningly at Jody. “Are you sure?”
Jody answered by slipping his hand into his boxers and squeezing his cock firmly.
“Oh fuck!” Dominic’s hips bucked off the sofa at the first touch of Jody’s fingers on the hot flesh and he started to come.
“Yes,” Jody whispered as he continued to stroke him. “Come for me.”
And Dominic did, spilling over Jody’s hand and his own clothes as he lost control.
When he came back to his senses, he looked over at Jody, who appeared to be particularly smug. “You know, for someone who doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend, you’re doing a pretty good job.”
The End
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