Wednesday Briefs – Moonlit Date

Moonlit Date by L.M. Brown (Vinnie & Jeff #2)
A male/male young adult story
Vinnie stretched out on the grass and gazed up at the darkening sky above him.  Jeff would be here soon, provided he’d managed to shake off his unwanted chaperone.
A bleep signalled an incoming text message and Vinnie saw it was Jeff telling him he would be there in ten minutes.  He finished the text asking Vinnie not to leave without him, as if that would ever happen.
Jeff arrived with a satchel full of books and a huge grin.  He dropped down on the ground beside Vinnie and sighed dramatically.  “I thought I’d never get rid of Tom.  He’s been tailing me all evening.”
“You need to find him a girlfriend or something.”
Jeff snorted with laughter.  “He has one.  Poor Claire was being dragged along with him from the glimpses I caught while trying to lose him.  She looked about ready to deck him.”
“Hopefully she’ll keep him busy and out of our way.”
“I doubt he’d think to hunt for us up here,” Jeff said.  “It’s not exactly a make-out spot or anything.”
“I don’t know why not.  Look at how beautiful it is here.  No lights from the town make this the best stargazing place in the area.”
Jeff stretched out on the grass beside Vinnie and looked up at the sky.  The sun had set and the sky was clear of clouds for once.  “What do you know about the stars?”
“I know that’s the Big Dipper,” Vinnie said as he pointed towards the constellation.  “And that’s about it.”
“Figures,” Jeff teased. “Brainless footie player.”
“Swotty nerd,” Vinnie countered as Jeff inched closer to him and rested his head on Vinnie’s outstretched arm.  “You’ll just have to teach me stuff so I don’t show you up in public.”
“You could never do that.  I know you aren’t stupid, even if you occasionally act as though you are.”
“Do I?” Vinnie was surprised by Jeff’s comment and a little unsettled.
“Only when you’re around the rest of your team mates.  It’s like you don’t want them to see how smart you really are.”
Vinnie dislodged Jeff’s head from his arm and sat up.  “I didn’t think I acted any different around them than I do round you.”
Jeff sat up and brushed at a few bits of grass that had caught on his sweater.  “Just forget I said anything.  I didn’t come up here to argue with you.”
“Argue?  Are we having an argument now?” Vinnie shook his head and stood up to walk a few paces away.  “So much for a pleasant date under the moonlight.”
“Come on, Vinnie, let’s not get into a fight.”  Jeff reached up a hand and waggled his fingers for Vinnie to take hold of them.  When he didn’t acknowledge the gesture Jeff let his hand drop to his side.  “Fine, be sulky about it.”
“So now I’m sulking,” Vinnie muttered.
Jeff stood up and gathered his things together.  “If you’re going to be an arse about things I’m going home.”
Vinnie didn’t bother to argue with him and Jeff stalked away, leaving his boyfriend on the moonlit hillside.
Jeff tossed and turned in bed, trying to shake off the unpleasant memory of his first real fight with Vinnie.  He was still trying to get to sleep when he heard the sound of something hitting his window.
Climbing out of bed he hurried to the window and looked out.  He wasn’t entirely surprised to see Vinnie standing on the lawn with a handful of pebbles and stones from the front driveway.  He opened the window and leaned out.  “What are you doing?”
“Can I come up?” Vinnie called in a whisper.
Jeff looked across the room to where his twin was dead to the world and snoring loudly.  “Yes, but be quiet.  I share my room with Tom.”  Vinnie quickly climbed up the tree that had assisted Jeff and Tom in their fair share of mischief.  Jeff helped him climb in the window as stealthily as possible.  “What are you doing here?” he asked again.
“This,” Vinnie whispered before kissing Jeff softly on the lips.  “I’m sorry I got angry.  You’re right.  I do act differently around the other players on the team.”
“It doesn’t matter.  I shouldn’t have said anything.  I know you’ve got a reputation to maintain.”
“I’ve got a relationship to maintain as well though, one that I plan on having last longer than my football career.”
“You mean you’re not planning on turning pro?”
“You think I have the talent to?”
“Not really.”
“Me neither and my coach would agree with us.  Now, how about we try again on our date?”
“It’s two in the morning.”
“I know.”  Vinnie guided Jeff over to the narrow single bed and sat down on the edge.  “Want to freak your brother out in the morning?”
“You can’t stay here all night!”
“Why not?”
“What about your parents?  Won’t they wonder where you are?”
“No one in the house ever gets up before ten on a Saturday.  I’ll be home long before they wake up.”
“What if my parents catch you here?”
“They don’t let you have sleepovers?”
“The last one I had was when I was ten.”
Vinnie kicked off his shoes and started to unbutton his shirt.  “Seems to me you’re long overdue for one then.”
“My parents don’t know I’m gay yet.”
“We could tell them together, in the morning.”
Jeff eased open the chest of drawers, pulled out a spare pair of pyjamas and tossed them to Vinnie.  “Here, wear these.  I don’t want to give my parents heart attacks.”
Vinnie grinned and once he had donned the pyjamas the two of them slid beneath the duvet. “So, how heavy a sleeper is your brother?”
Jeff snuggled closer.  “Why do you want to know?”
Vinnie gave a wicked grin.  “Just wondering how many noises I can draw from you without waking him.”
Jeff gave a small giggle.  “Only one way to find out.”
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