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Hi everyone!   It’s time to welcome another Friday guest to my blog.  Please say hello to Starla Kaye, who is here to talk about… well, I’ll just leave her to tell you.  Thanks for being here Starla.  
I’m so happy to be here today and talking about my favorite subject: Men. Okay, I’m actually going to share some of my thoughts on Writing About the Vulnerable Male, in connection with my latest book from Decadent Publishing: The CEO And The Cowboy.
I’ve been writing for a while now, with nearly 50 stories published, and I’m finally getting the hang of writing with more character depth. One of my editors patiently showed me how to dig deep below the surface levels of establishing characterization, how to show and share emotion rather than merely telling the reader things. I want my readers to see these characters as “real” people with “real” emotions and problems they are dealing with. And I really enjoy writing romance, particularly about men with wounded hearts.
My heroes are all big, tough men who have had their hearts broken, their egos stomped on, and still try to show the world that they aren’t affected by any of that. These men are soul wounded and I try hard to find the perfect match for them, someone who can help them heal…help them find love.
In The CEO and the Cowboy I have two heroes who are a bit wary and heart wounded. Calhoun is a cowboy who believes he was always hard-wired as a man intended for that whole wife, 2.4 kids, and white picket fence kind of life. Except he has been engaged for five years and just can’t take that next step. It doesn’t feel right, but he can’t quite figure out what does. He runs into Daniel, an expensively dressed, high-powered CEO, at his ex-fiancée’s wedding. The man makes him nervous, makes him wary, and draws him as no other person ever has. The strange attraction scares the hell out of him, but…
Daniel spots the hot looking cowboy at his good friend’s wedding. He’d thought he wouldn’t like meeting the man who had kept his friend from marrying the woman of his heart for so long. And after being recently burned by a cheating lover, he wasn’t looking for a new one anytime soon. Still there was just something that drew him to the big rancher, even though he sensed the cowboy wasn’t actually another gay man. But there was something curiously cautious in the other man’s eye, something that tempted him to get to know the cowboy up close and personal.
The characters won me over as I wrote their story, as they have done so with a lot of readers. I wrote the story as a Happily Ever After. But I have had requests for a sequel from readers who saw it as more of a Happily For Now story. So I am currently in the process of writing it, which is tentatively titled Ruby, the Cowboy, and the CEO.
Excerpt from The CEO and the Cowboy
“Want a tour?” He desperately wanted to get him up to his bedroom. He wanted to strip him out of that Western-cut suit, find out if he was a boxers or briefs man. He was curious if those pecs were as muscled as he suspected, if the abs were six-packed. He longed to….
“Why did you really bring me here?”
Surprised, he stood quietly for several long seconds, debating how to answer. Then he decided actions might just be better than words at the moment. If he had the nerve. Yes! Yes, you do.
He moved directly in front of him, watched the man’s nostrils flare, and his eyes widen. But the cowboy didn’t step back, and he didn’t look ready to send a fist into his face. Nerves tangling in his stomach, he put his hands around Cordell’s neck and leaned closer.
The big man tensed, but still didn’t tell him to back off. He didn’t say a word, just stood there looking wary, but determined. Clearly curious. Cautious, too.
Unable to resist any longer, he slanted his mouth over the tempting lips. Fire seared him. Need. Desperation.
Cordell stiffened even more, and he was pretty sure his cowboy had never done this before. He appeared uncomfortable, and his heart pounded so hard he could feel it. Yet he didn’t pull away.
Not wanting to frighten the man off, he gently slid his tongue along the crease of those lips until, finally, they opened. He had to have more, but he had to go slowly.
Surprising him again, he felt Cordell put his arms around his waist, pushing under his suit coat, pulling him closer. God, yes!
Heat raged through him, and he felt the warmth of the body pressed against his. Their hearts thudded, chest against chest. Then the man shuddered even as they tangled tongues. They kissed hungrily, only Daniel apparently familiar with this first sexual dance. Cordell seemed lost in the moment. Although he sensed the cowboy hadn’t done this before, he had moved past being hesitant, gone straight for being desperate to satisfy a need he no doubt hadn’t known he had.
My Bio
Family is extremely important to me. Life is far too short not to spend time with these special people in some way each day. My husband supports me in all of my many interests in life…writing, traveling, making quilt art, playing in my gardens, whatever my heart desires at any particular moment. My daughter supports me in so many ways, including designing my websites and fixing the many computer screw-ups I manage on an almost daily basis. And the rest of my family is there for me whenever I need them. I live for them all and love them with all of my heart. I laugh with them, too.
Beyond my family, I enjoy traveling anywhere, at anytime. I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many interesting places over my life, places I’ve read about or heard about. I’ve been in the jungle of Mexico and looked up at a Mayan pyramid. I’ve walked inside the partial ruins of ancient castles in England, Scotland, and Ireland. I’ve stood at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower and looked up. I’ve ridden on ferry taxis on the Grand Canal in Venice. I’ve walked along the beach edges in California, Texas, Florida, and France. I’ve been to New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., the Grand Canyon, and so many more places. But I will never see enough. I will always hunger for one more trip.

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  1. Thanks for having me here today.

  2. I absolutely love men who are strong on the outside, but vulnerable as well. Great post!

  3. Jessica, thanks for stopping by today.

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