Touch of a Ghost & Other News

Yesterday I was featured over at Top 2 Bottom Reviews with an interview and a review of my very first published story, Touch of a Ghost.  

Since I was on a mission yesterday with regard to my current WIP, Between Good & Evil (Heavenly Sins 2) I avoided going to see what they had said about my story.  Nothing kills my motivation to write as quickly as a bad or negative review, which is why I don’t tend to go looking for them any more. So I decided to put off looking at it until today.

But I didn’t have to worry they gave Touch of a Ghost 5 kisses and had some very nice things to say about it.  

You can check out the review here.

And the interview is here.  

In other news, it is Silver Publishing Author Day over at the LRC Loop.  I’ll be there later on today, chatting and posting some excerpts, including a first look at my September release Let Down Your Hair.  The final edits and proofs were completed this week so it is nicely timed for me to introduce you to Prince Aiden and Robert and their fairy tale world.

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