Wednesday Briefs – The T-Shirt

 The T-Shirt by L.M. Brown
A m/m short story (YA)

Joe looked at his reflection in the mirror and smirked to himself. The t-shirt had been a bit of an impulse buy and he wondered what Bryan would think of it. He’d probably find it amusing, especially since Joe teased him frequently about being into so many different activities it was like he was dating half a dozen different people.

With science club on Mondays and Chess Club on Tuesdays, many people would class Bryan as a first class nerd. They were the ones who didn’t know Bryan was also into sports. He played for a local youth club football team and went swimming before school nearly every day.

Joe wondered how Bryan found the time to fit it all in, especially with their astronomical amounts of homework as well. But Bryan was one of those people for which everything came easily. He was popular and respected throughout the school, and even coming out as gay hadn’t caused so much as a ripple in his life.

Joe might have been jealous of all the activities Bryan was involved in were it not for the fact that even with all his other commitments, he still found plenty of time to be with Joe.

Saturday night was date night and Bryan had never let him down.

The doorbell rang downstairs and Joe listened as his mother answered the door. “Come on in Bryan, Joe’s just getting ready.”

“Thanks Mrs Hislop.”

“Joe! Bryan’s here. Aren’t you ready yet?” And in a quieter voice. “I swear he takes more time than the two girls combined to get ready for a date.”

Joe bounded down the stairs with a grin on his face. “That’s not true. It might seem longer, but it’s just a myth. Hi, Bryan.”

Bryan grinned back at him and they each shifted uncomfortably as Joe’s mother smiled and lingered in the hallway. Joe wanted to lean over and give Bryan a hello kiss and he suspected Bryan wanted to do the same. If only his mother would leave so he could. As accepting as she was about him being gay, he still didn’t feel comfortable about kissing his boyfriend in front of her. He knew it would have been the same if it was a girl he was dating, but his mother did insist on hovering around when Bryan was visiting.

“So, where are you boys planning on going?”

Bryan turned to Joe’s mother and shrugged. “We thought we’d catch a movie and then maybe get something to eat.”

Joe inched his way towards the door. “We’d better hurry if we want to catch the start of the film.”

“Oh, don’t let me keep you. Have fun.”

“We will,” Joe promised as he bolted out the door with Bryan at his heels.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Bryan tugged at his hand. “Hey, aren’t we forgetting something?”

Joe chuckled. “No, just didn’t want an audience.”

“What about the neighbours?”

“I don’t care about them seeing, but I draw the line at my mother, though she’s probably nosing through the curtains even as we speak.”

Bryan didn’t seem to mind the idea of them being spied on. He pulled Joe closer and gave him a quick but firm kiss on the lips. “Been thinking about that all day.”



“Even during football practice?”

“Especially during practice. All those sweaty boys running around are a real turn on.”

“Oh, they are, are they?”

Bryan looped his arms round Joe’s waist. “Not as much of a turn on as you are though.”

“Then you don’t have any thoughts about hooking up with a footie player?”

“Nope. One boyfriend is enough for me, though I wonder if I’m enough for you.” Bryan grinned at him and poked him lightly in the chest. “So, who is this other boyfriend?”

Joe laughed and looked down at his t-shirt. It read ‘My other boyfriend is a vampire’. “Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? And do you know how long it took to find a shirt with something on that you’re not? I saw the rack of shirts at the market and couldn’t resist, but most of them just referred to you. I did think about the rock star one, but then I remembered you were in that band last summer. The porn star one was pretty tempting too, but I didn’t want to give you any ideas—I don’t share nicely.”

“So you went with vampire?”

“It was that or werewolf and they aren’t as sexy.”

Bryan laughed as they strolled down the path. “I think I’ve changed my mind about the movie.”


“Yeah, there’s no way we’re going to see Breaking Dawn if you’re going to be drooling over Edward bloody Cullen.”



“There’s no need, my taste in vampires runs more to the non-sparkling kind. You only have to worry about my vampire fixation if I’m watching Blade.”

“You mean the film we watched in your room last weekend?”

“That’s the one.”

“I thought the reason you were so horny was because of me.”

Joe laughed and decided to go easy on his boyfriend. “It was you, you doofus. Why would I want some blood-sucking vampire when I have you?”

Bryan gave him a dubious look. “I still say we should go see something else.”

Joe smiled easily. “Whatever you want. So, does that mean you don’t like the t-shirt?”

Bryan ran his fingers lightly over Joe’s chest, tracing the contours of his body beneath the tight shirt. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that.”


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