Sunday Blurbs – Back List Bonanza

Sunday BlurbsBack List Bonanza

Have you got an old release you want to remind everyone about?  Is your book more than six months old? 
Do you want to give a little shout out here?

If you are an author and would like to share up to three blurbs from your back list today, just leave a comment here on this post with blurb(s) and buy link(s). 

One comment per author, but you can include up to three blurbs in your comment. 

No excerpts please.

All Authors: If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my promo opps page and see when else you can stop by here on a Sunday for a bit of free promotion for your books. There will be opportunities for everyone to promote both new releases and books from your back lists during the course of the month. 

3 responses to “Sunday Blurbs – Back List Bonanza

  1. These Sunday Blurbs are great! Thanks for having us here. ^__^ I have three books from my backlist I'd like to share.REUNITED (contemporary m/m, short Valentine's story)Eight months ago, Damian's lover left him, vanishing out of nowhere, leaving Damian heart-broken. When he is summoned to take care of a patient with badly sliced arms, and warned the patient might be suicidal, the very last person he expects to see is the lover he never thought to see again. BUY: OF FENRIS (fantasy m/m)Never bet against a dark forest filled with monsters…Desperate for the approval he hopes it will gain him, Mihai accepts a challenge from his brother: Venture into Fenris Forest, and retrieve a leaf from a rare tree to prove he did it. Though he has been warned to avoid the forest and the monsters that fill it all his life, Mihai’s longing for approval trumps his fear. Mihai soon realizes, however, that it is his fear he should have heeded. Just as victory seems within his grasp, he is attacked by warg, the most dangerous beasts in the forest. Alone and helpless, Mihai resigns himself to being just one more person who went into the woods and never came out—…until he is saved in the most unexpected of ways. BUY: FIRE (fantasy m/m, sequel to Forest of Fenris)Brand is a man adrift: he is wolf shifter and fire mage, a traitor to his people for saving a friend on whom he turned his back long ago, a friend who no longer has need of him. He has no place to call home, no one to call family or friend, and no idea where he belongs.With nothing better to do, he decides to seek out the infamous dragons in the firelands, curious to see if their fires will be hot enough to burn a fire witch, to see if perhaps a place that welcomes fire might have a place for him… BUY:

  2. This is a brilliant idea, thank you for this opportunity. Well, backlist-wise there are only really two things I would like to talk about. Both stories are dear to my heart but I have to admit, they are also early work of mine.GREEN LAKELOVE FOR HIRESean Allister arrives at Green Lake in Alaska, ready to make a new life for himself, and meets Mark Murphy, a young daredevil living life to the fullest, just the way Sean wants to. As mountain guides, Mark and Sean end up spending a lot of time together, and Sean soon realizes he feels more for Mark than just friendship.Then Sean makes a mistake, trapping them on a mountain during a storm. Mark is injured, and Sean will have to find a way to rescue them both—not only from the storm, but from the trappings of his rich and wealthy past and secrets Mark keeps so they can live the lives they dream of.This book was actually my first published book. Therefore, it will always be extremely special to me. However, I also think that Sean and Mark are two very special people in their own right. Mark with his illness and his love for life, and Sean who is running away from everything he knows.Purchase LINK Hustler and art aficionado Jayden Collins doesn't expect much out of life, so when rich playboy Matt Archer not only saves his life but offers to pay him to pretend to be his boyfriend, it seems too good to be true. The guarded, cautious Jayden takes him up on the offer, but he never expects to fall in love with his snobbish, inconsiderate client.Jayden doesn't have much time to think about it, though, because his life is in danger—apparently someone is trying to kill him. Or so he thinks until he discovers Matt's secret. Furious to learn of his employer's deceit, Jayden leaves Matt, breaking his own heart in the process. But Matt is used to getting what he wants… and he's not going to let go so easily.This book was always supposed to be part of a longer series. Sadly this series is not going to happen because I have changed the plot so the rest of it, will be published in a different format. I love the storyline though, despite it being something of a cliche (good natured hooker meets rich guy).Purchase LINK

  3. Great idea! Thank you for having us :)All or Nothing and Eli enjoy a comfortable, familiar relationship. Eli always had the fantasy of having another man join them, if only he could find someone to complete them. Then the couple stumbles upon Micah. Could he be the one?Taming the Lion Tamer's devotion to the big cats at his sanctuary doesn't leave much time for finding love, but when an animation company asks him to bring a lion down to model, meeting Charlie could be just the chance he needs.Almost Paradise will do anything to keep his daughter safe, now that he finally has custody. Financially ruined, he cannot even afford food for himself most days. Could a stranger's offer to dog sit be the solution Travis has been hoping for?Marked by Grief is struggling after his brother's tragic death and the man he loves hasn't spoken to him since the funeral. When a broken Kit comes back into Jason's life, will love be enough to heal them both?