Sunday Blurbs – Silver Publishing

Sunday Blurbs – Silver Publishing

Today is the day for Silver Publishing authors to come and share their blurbs for Silver Publishing books here on my blog.   

So, if you are a Silver author and would like to share up to three of your blurbs today, just leave a comment here on this post with blurb(s) and buy link(s). 

One comment per author, but you can include up to three blurbs in your comment. 

No excerpts please.

If you are a reader and any of the blurbs sound like they might be your cup of tea then here is the link to Silver Publishing.
All Authors: If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my promo opps page and see when else you can stop by here on a Sunday for a bit of free promotion for your books. There will be opportunities for everyone to promote both new releases and books from your back lists during the course of the month. 

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  1. Thanks for this, FaithPathfinderHere’s the blurbThe story of two American airmen who join the Royal Air Force towards the start of WW2, before America enters the war. Both accept that they are gay but Bobby, the navigator, has put any thoughts of love to one side because he passionately believes in the war. Things change with the arrival of his new pilot, Lewis. Lewis believes in the war but also loves the new plane. They connect immediately and start a sexual relationship, but know they have to be extremely careful. During many dangerous raids their bond gets stronger until Lewis pushes Bobby to admit they are in love. Then the worst happens and Lewis is badly wounded. He wants Bobby to stop flying while he recovers, because he believes they are a 'lucky pairing' who stay safe because they fly together. Bobby won't stop and goes on to be Squadron Leader, while Lewis heals. Eventually they come back together as part of the new Pathfinders. During an emotionally charged night in bed they resolve the issues of Bobby continuing to fly, plan a possible future and admit the depth of their feelings for each other. Buy Link: You See Isn't Always What You GetWhen ex-freedom fighter Richard buys a slave's freedom, he has a deal to offer. Being more inexperienced than he appears, he needs someone to teach him a few things. Sex for money and help is what he's proposing. Denny can always say no.Denny agrees, and as they settle into their new life, they learn things about themselves and each other, as well as the nature of freedom and love.But when are things ever that easy? Their world is suddenly shattered by a ghost from Richard's past. That's when Denny takes control, shows what he’s made of and fulfills a need Richard didn’t even know he had. It turns out neither are what they appear to be.Buy link:

  2. 'Jersey' Photojournalist Jersey Parma is a man alone, with few friends and no relationships, and he likes it that way, seeking momentary companionship from the men he meets in gay clubs. Then Darby Franklin comes into his life. Or does he? It seems, after their first meeting, that Darby will do anything possible to avoid Jersey until one fateful day when he shows up on Jersey's doorstep and proceeds to throw Jersey's life into a cocked hat.Buy link:

  3. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.