New Release: The Other Man

The Other Man
Part of the Silver Presents: Three’s a Party anthology

Today is the release day for the three Silver Presents anthologies. 
There is one full of male/female stories, one of male/male and one of ménage stories.
I am lucky enough to have a story in the final of those. 

My male/male/male ménage The Other Man is a contemporary short story and my second ménage story to be published so far. 

Some loves are too big to confine themselves to just two. The heart has room for more. Three’s a connection. Three’s a relationship. Three’s a party.

This anthology contains:

The Other Man by LM Brown
Slow Burn by Jade Astor
Poly Sigh by Allison Cassatta
Afternoon Delight by Caitlin Ricci
Bear Hugs by SA Welsh
Nikki’s Secret by TN Tarrant
Three Lovers on the Grift by Edward Kendrick


Simon Mason bolted upright in bed at the sound of Rebel–his golden retriever–barking loud enough to wake the dead. The room was in darkness and when he squinted at the red digits of the bedside clock, it showed just after three in the morning.

“Quiet, Rebel,” he yelled, belatedly wondering if he should just let him bark and hope it scared off the potential burglar. They weren’t to know the daft mutt was more likely to lick them to death than see them from the property.

Rebel continued to bark and Simon reluctantly dragged himself out of bed to see what had disturbed him.

He grabbed a cricket bat from the hall closet as he crept through the cottage. Why did things like this always happen when Jeremy was away? Couldn’t they have waited until next week to burgle him?

“I’m armed,” Simon called out, feeling a little stupid as he stumbled round in the dark, tripping over random shoes and squeaky dog toys. He flicked on the lights, half expecting to see some masked man ready to jump him–and not in a good way. The hallway was thankfully empty save for Rebel, who cowered behind him.

The knock at the door set Rebel off barking again and Simon breathed a sigh of relief that he had an unexpected visitor and not a burglar on the property. Or maybe it was a burglar pretending to be a visitor? He checked the chain on the door and kept a firm grip on the bat.

“Who is it?” he called.

“Is that Simon?” an American-accented voice called back.

“Who’s this?” Simon replied as he opened the door just wide enough to peer through the gap.

The man on the other side of the door looked tired, as he gave him a sheepish smile. “I’m Max Tyler. Is Jeremy still in bed? Lazy bastard always could sleep through anything.”

The cricket bat fell to the floor, narrowly missing Rebel, who shot into the kitchen with a howl of protest.


Simon gripped the door as he tried to stop his legs falling out from under him. Of course he knew who Max was, even though they had never actually met, spoken, or exchanged so much as a text message. What the hell was his boyfriend’s other lover doing on their doorstep in the middle of the night?
* * * 
Find out what Max is doing there by picking up a copy of the anthology today.  


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