Only In Your Dreams available for pre-order

Only In Your Dreams
Despite all those pretty book covers along the left hand side of my blog, this is actually my very first male/male novel to be released.  Yes, that’s right.  My other male/male stories have all been either short stories or novellas, and my only released novel up until now was my all male ménage, Between Heaven & Hell.  Which makes Only In Your Dreams, my 2011 NaNoWriMo story my first male/male novel.  It won’t be my last of course, since my upcoming novel from Total-E-Bound is also a male/male stories.

Only In Your Dreams is out in just under three weeks time and is now available for pre-order from Silver Publishing.  

Jay Sommers has always had the power to bend dreams to his will. When he reaches eighteen his powers grow and he discovers he can travel into the dreams of others. But his new ability doesn’t come without problems. Hiding his sexuality from his homophobic father during the day was hard enough, now not even the safe haven of his mind is safe, especially when he finds it increasingly difficult to resist the temptations of his dream lover, Cory Irwin.

Jay soon discovers that when your sleeping hours are as real as your waking ones, your nightmares can come true in both worlds. Can Jay make his dreams come true as well?

Order now from Silver Publishing

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