Sunday Blurbs – New Releases

Sunday Blurbs – New Releases for February

Have you got a new release this month? 

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If you are an author (with any publisher or self published) and have a new release out this month then feel free to post your blurb here as a comment to this post.  Only one comment per author please, but if you have more than one new release this month then feel free to include more than one blurb in your comment.  

No excerpts please, but don’t forget to include a buy link for your book. 

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2 responses to “Sunday Blurbs – New Releases

  1. Hi LM! Here's a Sunday blurb for Stroke Rate by L M Somerton – out on general release tomorrow.Lucien Thorne likes to be in control, but the boy he wants to own may take some convincing. Gorgeous but shy, Benedict Astor does his best to keep a low profile at the rowing club where he works. However, unbeknown to Benedict, he has attracted the attention of Lucien Thorne, rowing aristocracy, an Olympic medallist and a Lord. Whilst looking for a new rowing partner, Lucien believes he has found what he needs in Ben. He pushes him to his limits on the water and it becomes clear that rowing with the pretty young man is not his only interest. Ben is attracted to Lucien but confused about his feelings. Lucien is demanding, arrogant and dominant – something that Benedict responds to even though he feels he should resist. Fighting with emotions he doesn’t understand, Ben has to contend with the bullying rowing club president and a humiliating auction of promises. Lucien recognises Ben’s hidden submissive streak and makes his own need for control very clear. He bids for Ben’s time and then forces Ben to admit to his own desire to test the ground between them. When the deeds to the boat club are gambled away, Lucien and Ben must work together to save it. Will their growing love survive the pressure, Ben’s uncertainty and Lucien’s desire to own him completely?Available now at: a good Sunday!

  2. Good morning LM and thanks for the opportunity! My February release is Revelations, published February 8th by Museit Up Publishing and available hereJudas has never been very popular, not in any incarnation that he and Jesus and the others have lived through. But he doesn't care about that. All he cares about is following the instructions of God as set forth in the script that they follow. And Jesus. For Judas has secretly loved the son of God for over two thousand years. But now he decides that enough is enough, and he's tired of watching Jesus die far too early, and for what? This time Judas is determined to see that Jesus lives a long and happy life, no matter what price he has to pay to accomplish it…no matter if he has to make a deal with the devil himself. Revelations is a story of what could be, told by those who play it out, time after time after time, unbeknownst to the rest of mankind. They've come back again, for yet another round. But this time is going to be different. Have a great day!Julie