Sunday Blurbs – Silver Publishing

Sunday Blurbs – Silver Publishing

Today is the day for Silver Publishing authors to come and share their blurbs for Silver Publishing books here on my blog.   

So, if you are a Silver author and would like to share up to three of your blurbs today, just leave a comment here on this post with blurb(s) and buy link(s). 

One comment per author, but you can include up to three blurbs in your comment. 

No excerpts please.

If you are a reader and any of the blurbs sound like they might be your cup of tea then here is the link to Silver Publishing.
All Authors: If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my promo opps page and see when else you can stop by here on a Sunday for a bit of free promotion for your books. There will be opportunities for everyone to promote both new releases and books from your back lists during the course of the month. 

2 responses to “Sunday Blurbs – Silver Publishing

  1. Thanks LM!! This is the blurb for my March 23rd release, Dreams of the Forgotten, Sumeria's Sons #3.Tristan is plagued by barely remembered dreams and struggles against the urge to bind Ushna to him since Ushna has a Twin Flame awaiting rebirth. But he could lose Ushna in the next lifetime unless he remembers his dreams of the forgotten.As Tristan and Ushna build a secure infrastructure for their rapidly growing tribe and family, Tristan is plagued by dreams he barely remembers. Factions and enemies threaten to destroy the peace they wish to build, even as Tristan keeps his condition under wraps from all but those closest to him. Amidst it all, Tristan struggles against the urge to bind Ushna to him because Ushna already has a Flame waiting for rebirth. Tristan would do anything to protect that bond, even if it means losing Ushna in the next lifetime. Unless, he remembers his dreams of the forgotten.

  2. Ruby Red Booty Shorts & A Louisville Slugger by yours truly, Lexi AnderEscaping the shadows of tragic loss, Diego builds a new life with his best friend Beck. The appearance of a mysterious package changes his world and threatens his newfound love, making him wonder if he’s escaped anything at all.Diego Hernandez had long been in love with Beck Zell. Deciding it was now or never, he confronted his best friend, and they spend a perfect night discovering new and kinky things about each other. But the next morning, things start going downhill fast when a suspicious package arrives on the doorstep for Beck. Accosted by thugs, they barely escape. Memories of a dead brother and an untouchable drug lord spur Diego to believe his lover was mixed up in a dangerous underworld. Diego would do anything to save Beck, even if it's at the business end of a Louisville Slugger. Little did he know he was jumping feet first into the paranormal world policed by ION.