Sunday Blurbs – New Releases

Sunday Blurbs – New Releases for March

Have you got a new release this month? 

Do you want to give a little shout out here?

If you are an author (with any publisher or self published) and have a new release out this month then feel free to post your blurb here as a comment to this post.  Only one comment per author please, but if you have more than one new release this month then feel free to include more than one blurb in your comment.  

No excerpts please, but don’t forget to include a buy link for your book. 

All Authors: If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my promo opps page and see when else you can stop by here on a Sunday for a bit of free promotion for your books. There will be opportunities for everyone to promote both new releases and books from your back lists during the course of the month. 

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