Sunday Blurbs – Back List Bonanza

Sunday BlurbsBack List Bonanza

Have you got an old release you want to remind everyone about?  Is your book more than six months old? 
Do you want to give a little shout out here?

If you are an author and would like to share up to three blurbs from your back list today, just leave a comment here on this post with blurb(s) and buy link(s). 

One comment per author, but you can include up to three blurbs in your comment. 

No excerpts please.

All Authors: If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at my promo opps page and see when else you can stop by here on a Sunday for a bit of free promotion for your books. There will be opportunities for everyone to promote both new releases and books from your back lists during the course of the month. 

One response to “Sunday Blurbs – Back List Bonanza

  1. Hi there LM! Thanks for hosting the back list blurbs. I have three that could use some love…Fluffers, Inc. -Young Charlie Heggensford is fresh off a farm in Idaho when he stumbles (literally) into the office of Fluffers, Inc., where his natural talents are quickly put to use getting male porn stars in the “mood” to perform. A little too good at his job, Charlie over-stimulates the actors he is assigned to arouse and finds himself in trouble not only with his boss but several porn directors as well. Now if only Charlie can spare a breath for some seriously hilarious and sexy misadventures…Buy Link:'s BastardSir Gerard Fogg, knight in the Royal Guard of the kingdom of Algonwick, is in love with the King’s only son, Prince Tristan Fysher. The two men carry on a secret, sexual affair and proclaim their undying love for one another, only to have it torn apart by a tragedy which upsets the future of Algonwick. Gerard must travel through time to 2006 to try and set things right in his age of 1456. OnesEach time Paul and Evan meet at another friend's same-sex wedding, they're interested…but the timing is always wrong because one of them is involved with someone new. They try to make do by falling in and out of the beds of several different men as they search for their own Mr. Right, and along the way, they learn new skills, like the secrets to Tantric sex, or the moves required to succeed at lube wrestling.Buy Link: