First Review for To See the Sky & Blogging Appearances

To See the Sky has been reviewed by Crissy at Joyfully Jay and has got an amazing 4.75 stars.  Definitely a great result for my first venture into the futuristic genre.  Click the quote for the full review.

“A diamond in the rough.”

On a side note, after the total utter flops of my last few stories, it is a great relief to see this one doing so well.

It is the first of my stories, to my knowledge, to make it onto any bestseller list at Amazon.  Even though it was only there for a very short time, it made it to number 90 of the top 100 for Gay fiction on the UK Amazon site. 

I’ll say now, that if this one had completely bombed as well, I was giving serious consideration to quietly slipping away from the publishing world.

Blogging Appearances

I have had a couple of blogging appearances this week but not had time to update my blog to post about them so in case you missed them, here they are.

Kool Queer Lit – Men and Romance

Dawn’s Reading Nook – A Break from the Norm

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