Cover Art Reveal – Between Good & Evil

Cover Artist Reese Dante has done another amazing job for the second book in my Heavenly Sins series. 

What more can I say?  I think the cover speaks for itself.

And you can pre-order a copy here

I wasn’t going to include a blurb since it hasn’t gone through the final edits yet and may be changed, but since it has gone up for pre-orders with one (which hopefully won’t be changed) here it is.

Tristan, Machidiel and Alastor are bound together by love, but their lives are running far from smoothly thanks to Tristan’s demonic bargain with an incubus. Tristan has two choices, remain with the incubus as his trainee, or find a mortal to take his place. Neither choice is appealing.

The three lovers struggle to release Tristan from his bargain, only to find bigger problems on the horizon when a human caught up in the mess is taken prisoner by the Demon King himself, with repercussions that could tear their ménage apart forever.

2 responses to “Cover Art Reveal – Between Good & Evil

  1. I love it! Reese did my new (first) cover and she is amazing. Love the cover and the blurb makes me want to read. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks. Reese is just amazing. Love that she kept the feel of the book cover for the first in the series as well. And congrats on your own Reese original. 🙂