My Boyfriend’s an Alien update

My Boyfriend’s an Alien is now available for early download from Totally Bound. 

Buy here

I am out and about all over the internet in the coming weeks doing my best to at least attempt to promote it to the best of my ability.  I will add links into this post as and when the posts go live, but in the meantime, here is where I will be:-

Blogging with N J Nielson – link

Romance Lives Forever – Character Interview – link

Blogging with N R Walker (interview) – link

Blogging with L M Somerton (interview) – link

Blogging at It’s Raining Men (interview) –  link

Blogging with CR Guiliano – link

Blogging with Vona Logan – link

Blogging with Simon Peel – link

Blogging with Lexi Ander – link

24th January 2014 – GENERAL RELEASE DAY!
31st January 2014 – PRINT RELEASE DAY!

5 responses to “My Boyfriend’s an Alien update

  1. Reblogged this on L.M. Brown and commented:

    Did you miss any of my recent blog appearances? Here is the list again in case you did.

  2. I couldn’t get on the Romance Lives Forever to read the character interview. Have you posted the interview somewhere else?

  3. I haven’t; got it posted elsewhere but I can if you still can’t get to it. Are you getting a blank white screen?

    If so you are having the same issue as me and you need to scroll back up the page and the click the link for the content warning. Let me know if it doesn’t work or there is another issue.

  4. Thanks! I got it now. I think my computer was blocking some of the contents because it would not show anything after I clicked the content warning.

    • I think it is that site and the layout. I click the warning and instead of going to the page it shoots down the page so you see nothing but white. Then when you scroll up and press it again, it lets me in. Weird.

      I would have tried emailing it to you if it hadn’t worked when you tried again.

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