Plans for 2014

So 2013 was a bit of a write off when it came to getting projects completed.  Most of my releases in 2013 were actually written before then.  I am hoping 2014 will be an improvement.

That doesn’t mean  you will be seeing lots of books from me this year.  At the present time I only have two in the works, though may add a third when I see the open calls for the year.  It depends on whether they inspire me or not.

I want to write books that people enjoy, that they remember, and recommend to their friends.  Which means I am going to be slower writing them because I will be agonising even more than usual over each and every word.  I hope in the long run this will mean I will be writing books that people enjoy reading and will remember and come back to.  I would rather write one amazing book that a hundred mediocre ones.  I just hope that I can get that one amazing book out there before my publishers decide my books don’t sell enough to make it worth their while giving me a contract for another.

The two books I do have in the works though are firstly, Heavenly Sins 3, Between Life & Death.  This is the final book in the trilogy and is long overdue for completion.  I am still working on the first draft, but hope to have it submitted to Silver Publishing by Easter *fingers crossed*  Providing they want it and accept it, it will hopefully be out this year.

The second book in the works is already with my other publisher, Totally Bound, for them to consider whether they want it or not.  I’ll probably find out some time in the next month or so. This is my merman ménage story Forbidden Waters.  This book will be the first in a new series, however the books in this series will largely stand alone.  There will be continuing story lines running through them, but the romances between the main characters will be resolved to a satisfactory conclusion within each book.

Although the first book is a ménage story (MMM), not all of the series will be.  The others will be mostly MM stories, though I do have vague thoughts about a second ménage and as the series progresses that number may rise.

This means no evil cliffhangers in the series.  You can read more about my mermen series here.

Other plans for the year revolve more about getting to grips with promo stuff and trying to keep motivated.  A quick tweet or an email to tell me you enjoyed one of my stories can seriously work wonders with my motivation, so don’t be shy about saying something.

I am hoping to be more active in Twitter this year, to spend less time playing games on Facebook, and to try to keep this blog updated far more than I did last year.

Fingers crossed for a more successful year.

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