Pure Torture

When it comes to research a writer’s google searches can be extremely incriminating if viewed by the unawares.

Tonight (or last night actually since I didn’t like to post this when I had already blogged once today and scheduled it instead) my google searches center around torture and torturers.

There are reasons I don’t write any BDSM other than the occasional light spanking and steer away from any form of graphic violence.

Bring me the fluffy bunnies now please.

6 responses to “Pure Torture

  1. I much prefer bunnies too.

  2. Bunnies, kitties, cuteness. Yep, that is what I need this week. Thankfully I have one of those curled up next to me.

  3. I’ll take the torture and intensity, but then I’ve spent a lot of time on the Dark Side. 😉

  4. Oooh, just found out I can comment from the alert drop down box. Yes, I am a bit slow at times, not to mention easily pleased.

    I’ll know who to call if I need someone to look up something gruesome then. 😉

  5. Bunnies for me! Although…… I do like a good crime scene description too. I love Jd Robb’s In Death series for them.

  6. For some reason I couldn’t get into the In Death series, which I actually thought I’d enjoy since I like her other pen name.

    Thankfully there are plenty of fluffy bunnies in my stories.

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