First Foray into Scrivener

So, finished the tutorial for Scrivener this morning and this evening I am exploring the possibilities.

Ideally I would like to have my whole merman series as a single project so I can cross-reference everything in the series in one place.  Let’s see how it goes.

  • Importing the document for the first story and splitting the chapters was easy and painless.  Was a bit concerned it might lose my italics (which I use for telepathic communication in this story) but they have gone through fine.
  • I didn’t have as much success with my character templates.  They are a bit too fancy for importing successfully.  I expected the images to disappear from them, but I didn’t expect my tables to be quite so warped.  Parts are perfect, others are not.  Thankfully I can recreate a profile sheet with the same information in Scrivener, just can’t import the ones I have.  Going to recreate them all (hopefully) this evening.
  • The program has crashed twice so far, both times when I was trying to do something in the table.  I suspect that I won’t be using tables too much in general, so hopefully that is the only annoyance I am going to find.  The auto save meant I didn’t lose anything though.  *phew*
  • Put together all my profiles again, along with adding the pictures back in so they tag to the pages of the characters.
  • Been through the first story and tagged all the characters that I intend to be recurring in later ones so I can reference them. Had to look up how to do this again.  There was so much to take in during the tutorial.
  • Added brief chapter summaries to the index cards for easy finding of particular scenes.   Utilised the split screen and the locked pane for this – feel quite accomplished that I remembered how to do this.
  • Changed my default dictionary to English (UK).
  • And finally I added in my notes for one upcoming Main Character and also a deleted scene from Forbidden Waters that may be useful later.
  • One little quirk I have found is that many instances (but not all) where I have used the ‘ sign, it has duplicated it, so a word might read isn”t rather than isn’t.  It isn’t in the original Word document and hopefully is easy to fix, though even if it isn’t I am not too worried since this story is mainly in the project just for reference.

All in all, and despite the couple of crashes, I am really impressed with this program.

Going to put a few notes together for the first part of the second story in the series and try to resist the temptation to start writing it straight away – gotta finish Heavenly Sins 3 first.

2 responses to “First Foray into Scrivener

  1. I’ll be interested in hearing what you think about this program as you get into it more. I’ve been looking into it.

  2. I’ll certainly be blogging about it again in the future. Though the main WIP I am working on at the moment is not going into it so it may be a while before I am using it again. I wanted to get it now since I had the NaNoWriMo 50% off coupon that expires at the end of January.

    I think having it to play with when working on my mermen series is certainly incentive for me to get a move on with the other WIP.

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