The makers of Scrivener, for those who don’t know, also make another program called Scrapple.

Easy simple note facility that allows you to connect notes (thoughts) on an ever expanding board.

I have two boards so far.  One is mapping out the connections between various characters in my mer people series.

The second, and much larger board, is mapping out all sorts of ideas for keeping this blog active and (hopefully) interesting.

Hopefully, each time I come up with something I might like to blog about I will add it to the board for future reference, instead of forgetting about it by the time I need topics for blog posts.

I think I am addicted to this program already.

7 responses to “Scrapple

  1. I haven’t tried Scapple yet, but I would really like to! Maybe when I get my royalties, I can buy it with them. ^_~ Scrivener, on the other hand, is my life! I write everything in it. ^_^

    • I am still learning Scrivener. I’ll be posting an update post on how I am getting on with that at some point over the next week.

      I wasn’t going to get Scrapple, but I am finding it very useful. Even used it last night to try to sort out the tangle of my Social Media feeds. Glad I spent the money I saved using my NaNo coupon for Scrivener on Scrapple.

  2. Oh, you get a coupon on Scrapple? I have one from NaNo too, I think! Should have anyway, considering I did win this year …

  3. Oh sorry, I read your response too quickly. ^^;; No coupon on Scrapple, but the money you saved, yep, gotcha. ^^;;

    I’ve had Scrivener for a long time now and I can never go back to using Word again. ^_^

    • LOL. Yes, it was the money I saved that I used.

      I do miss some things about Word, the right click for the thesaurus for example, but not having that means I might get more done because I am not stopping and deliberating over using another word.

      I suspect I will be using Scrivener to do the first draft and probably the second, but then move it to Word for the formatting and editing stages.

  4. Yeah, all the editing I get back from the publisher has to be done in Word. I wish everyone had Scrivener, so it could be done there, but Word is actually good for editing with the track changes and all that. ^_^

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