Would you be interested in a blog story?

I am finishing off a short story this weekend.  Actually it is technically novella length.  Currently it is about 16k, but will probably be between 17 and 18k when finished.

Now I have to decide what I am going to do with it and I am torn in several directions.

Option 1

I submit it to the publisher who had the open call that inspired the story.  I am already with them and while the road hasn’t been smooth this last year I am trying to stick it out.   The main downside here is that the deadline is very soon and I would have to rush the pre-sub edits like crazy to get it sent in time.

Option 2

I submit it to my second publisher who are currently accepting new MM stories, of which this is one.  I would probably delay sending it to them for a while though.  For one reason I could take more time over the pre-sub edits, and also I have a story in their queue for consideration already.  I really don’t want to stretch myself too thin with two stories so close together in the system if I am lucky enough to have them both accepted.  I would envisage sending it in some time in the spring, though if the story already with them is rejected I would probably put it off even longer, knowing what I’m like.

Option 3

I could post it here in parts as a free read on my blog.

Now, I have tried serial stories here before with my flash fiction group, but have been very slack in posting them.  Sometimes it has been months between updates and for that I apologise.  I have actually removed them from the blog now for various reasons.

This would be different because the story is actually going to be finished and polished as much as I can without a professional editor before I start posting it.  If I go with this option I envisage sitting down one weekend and formatting and scheduling the whole story at once so it is super regular in updates.

So what are everyone’s thoughts on where this story should go?  If I did post it as a free read on, say, a weekly basis, would anyone actually read it?

I don’t want to go on the basis of ‘it’s free so of course people will read’ because that simply isn’t the case.  With so much free stuff out there, I know there is a lot of competition for the free time.

Here is the very rough blurb for the story, in case that makes a difference.

Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love, until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk.  Cut off from his life, Scott agrees to help the djinn grant a wish by playing the part of Cameron’s husband for the day.  As the day progresses he finds himself enjoying the role, but what will happen at midnight, when the wish has been fulfilled and Scott has to return to his own life?

So, thoughts anyone?

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