Sunday Snog – A Blast from the Past

Although this is my second Sunday Snog, I thought I’d put up the very first snog from my first published story.  They had to wait a while for it, but that’s what happens when you can only touch your lover on Halloween.

Benji squeezed his hand slightly and leaned closer. “I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you. Kiss you, I mean.”

“What’s stopping you?” Andy asked as he leaned forward as well.

“Nothing at all.” Benji pressed his lips to Andy’s at last.

The soft lips trembling against his seemed hesitant and unsure. Andy’s heart rate increased, and the butterflies that had been present in his stomach all day seemed to take flight, as they each savoured those first sweet moments of finally being able to touch.

Andy pulled his hand free from Benji’s so he could wrap his arms around the other man’s neck and hold him close as he deepened the kiss.

The nervousness vanished as they explored each other’s mouths. Tongues slipped between teeth, lips sucked on their counterparts, and what began as chaste quickly turned into something more passionate.

Andy pulled out of the kiss with a soft gasp and grinned when he saw a similarly astonished expression on Benji’s face.

“Good?” Benji’s his tone made it clear he knew the answer to that question and felt quite smug about it as well.

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