Why there’s no Flash Fiction this week

So this week I had intended to post a short flash fiction for the Wednesday Briefs group. I had the story all planned out and it was going to be a brief glimpse at a couple of my mermen from my planned series.  Two recurring characters who probably aren’t going to have a full story of their own. It was going to be a nice little teaser.

Unfortunately I am terribly superstitious and I have got it firmly in my head that if I share anything from an uncontracted story in the time between when it is submitted to the publisher and I hear back from them, then it jinxes me and I get rejected.  It has happened twice now.  Once with The Heart of Eden (which will never see the light of day) and Skin Deep, which got picked up by Silver Publishing after being rejected for an open call at another publisher.

I know it is silly, but I can’t shake the superstition at all.  Forbidden Waters is still under consideration.  The full story was asked for last Tuesday and at the time of writing (Sunday morning) it is still in limbo.

Paranoia is my middle name when it comes to my stories.  My week went something like this…

Tuesday > Sent in full story knowing my editor is playing catchup and has a lot to get through.

Wednesday > Starts stalking the inbox.  Even though I know this story is long and will probably take more than a day to read.

Thursday > More stalking as I try and convince myself that it is simply one that hasn’t been got to yet.

Friday > Starts to wonder if it is at the bottom of the pile because my poor editor just can’t face it or even worse has started it but had to put it down because it’s so bad.

Saturday > Wonders if my lovely editor is holding back on a rejection email because she is aware that the last book I worked on with her is released this weekend and a rejection would dampen my joy.

Sunday > Starts to worry that the publisher is monitoring my sales of the new story very closely before deciding whether they want to take on any more of my books.  Stops stalking Inbox and starts stalking Amazon.

Yes, this is how my mind works.  Chances are my editor is simply getting through a large volume of work and this one is simply a way down the list.

The week hasn’t all been about stalking my Inbox though.  My Boyfriend’s an Alien went on general release. It seems to be doing better than a lot of my other stories.


All Romance Ebooks – Bestseller List for Romance>Sci-Fi
Although some of my other books have those little silver stars I have never actually seen one of my books on the shelf on the front page.

Amazon US
The book had no impact at all on the Gay / Lesbian listings, but it did manage to creep into the top 100 on a couple of other listings.

#66 in Books > Romance > Science Fiction
#99 in Kindle Store > Kindle Ebooks > Romance > Science Fiction

Amazon UK
A slightly better impact on the UK listings including clawing its way (very briefly) onto the Gay / Lesbian rankings.

#47 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Romance > Science Fiction
#47 in Books > Fiction > Romance > Science Fiction
#42 in Books > Gay & Lesbian > Literature > Fiction > Gay

Amazon Germany
Surprisingly my book is doing pretty well here too.  Obviously any store that is not the main US one it is easier to get into the rankings at all, but according to Novel Rank the German store sales are actually on par with the US ones.  Here is where it peaked.

#11 in Kindle Store > eBooks > eBooks Foreign Language > English eBooks > Gay & Lesbian > Literature & Fiction
#11 in Kindle Store > eBooks > eBooks Foreign Language > English eBooks > Fiction > Popular Fiction > Gay & Lesbian
#13 in  English Books > Fiction > Popular Fiction > Gay & Lesbian

The German store is also the only one where the book is still ranked after the first full day of being there.

So there you have it.  There is no flash fiction story this week because I am superstitious and paranoid.  🙂

I hope by the time this post goes live on Wednesday I will have heard from the publisher with good news, but unless I hear today (highly unlikely) I don’t think I will have enough time to do the flash fiction story.  Especially since in between stalking Amazon, ARe and my Inbox I am supposed to be polishing up my Djinn story to get it sent in before the deadline this coming Friday.  Actually, what I should be doing is getting it sent in ASAP, because if Forbidden Waters is rejected, I know this other story won’t be going anyway.

Assuming there has been no announcements on the lines of either ‘*squee* my mermen have  a home’ or ‘*sobs* they don’t want my mermen’ by the time this post goes live on Wednesday, wish me luck and send any positive vibes my way that the publisher will want them.

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