My Hot Menage

Giving a shout out here to a past guest on the blog who has a new release out.  Did you enjoy My Hot Fireman?  Then check out the sequel, My Hot Menage, which is available now.

What happens when it’s your first summer out of college, you get a job at a beautiful Caribbean resort, and two men make your wildest dream come true?

What starts out as a typical summer flirtation, ends up being a life changing experience…

Art, the handsome and kind water ski director, is also a soulful musician and a master in the bedroom. Though there are no beds in this story, only crazy, wild, exotic endless nights on the beach as this guitar playing water skier takes a young woman on an unforgettable journey.

And what else transpires?

He discovers her deepest, darkest, most stressful secrets and gives his heart, soul, and entire delicious body to make everything more than okay. In fact he makes everything perfect…but not before enlisting the help of the local dive boat captain along the way. A deeply romantic, erotic love story that will curl your toes, warm your heart, moisten your most intimate places, and have you longing for the best of all worlds…

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