5 Kisses & Print Release

The print release of My Boyfriend’s an Alien is today (31st January).  So if print is your format of choice, you can get your copy now.

It has been available for pre-order from Totally Bound for a little while so here is the link.

Yesterday I was given the heads up on the first review of this book and much to my relief it is a good one.  Actually, no, it’s a great one.

Gabbi at Top 2 Bottom Reviews has reviewed the book and calls it “a must read for any science fiction/romance reader!” and says it is “Highly Recommended!”

You can read the full review here.

I have to say that after so many bad reviews last year, and in particular complaints about poor world building, I was very worried about whether this book would get the same sort of comments.  The remarks so far, both this review and from the odd reader who has got in touch, are that I have at least improved in this regard for this book.  *breathes sigh of relief*

No news as yet on my mermen ménage story.   Starting to get a little worried actually on that one, but hope to hear soon.

I did manage to get the djinn story sent in before deadline for the open call.  Still not sure whether I should have done or not.  It was written so quickly it just felt rushed.  Of course, if it is accepted, then I can spend a lot of time working on any lingering issues of that nature during edits, but in the meantime I am waiting on news on that one too.

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