My Books with Silver Publishing

Just a short post because I am about to leave for the evil day job.

If there are any of my books with Silver Publishing that are on your “to buy” list, I would recommend you get them now.

I have today written to the publisher requesting my rights back on all my books with them including the recently contracted One Perfect Wish.  I have no idea when my request will be complied with. As I am not a “big name” or a “best seller” with them it may be immediately.  So get them while you can.  In particular the short stories are not likely to be republished so this may be your only chance to get them.

I will post more with regard to my intentions for each individual book later today or over the weekend. 

4 responses to “My Books with Silver Publishing

  1. I so hope you will republish them a lot of writers leaving SP are adding a little or a lot to their stories and re publishing them I think you could so do that but I am so going over and seeing if I have all your books now I wish I could buy directly from you cause I have heard stories of Sp not paying

  2. Aw thanks. I am going to be looking at each book on an individual basis and deciding what to do with each of them. Some I want to revise a little or a lot before submitting anywhere else. Some I am tempted to let disappear into a black hole. I’ll be posting my initial thoughts on what I am doing to do with each later on.

    I don’t want to be unprofessional and get into the issues I have with SP on my blog, but I will say that I write because I enjoy it. I share my stories because I hope others will like them. I have never been in this solely for the money, so if you think you would like one of my stories, please go ahead and buy it without worrying about whether I am getting paid for it.

    Put another way, if I get One Perfect Wish back I will probably do what I was going to do with it had it been rejected – post it as a free blog story.

  3. *hugs* Hope you get your rights back. Sorry what what every is going on. I already have all your SP. It was like taking a trip down memory lane.

  4. Aw thanks. *hugs*

    I am hoping I don’t have to fight for my rights, but I really don’t know what will happen. I am still waiting for a response to my email.

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