Silver Books – Initial Thoughts

As a follow up to my post this morning here are my initial thoughts and intentions on each of the books.  These are on the basis that I get my rights back as requested.

Firstly the Heavenly Sins series.   I intend to do some revising of the first book in this series and in particular remove/re-write a scene which caused at least one reader to toss the book into the “could not finish” pile.  I would want to try to fix the story so that it deserves Josie Goodreads’ rating which, unless she has changed it back to the 1 or 2 stars like I told her to, has a rating it certainly doesn’t deserve right now.

I then intend to shop the whole series when the final book is finished to a publisher.

That is the easy one out of the way since I do not want to leave the series unfinished.

Touch of a Ghost.  This was my first published story and I would hope to see it available again at some point.  I can’t think of anything I would drastically change in the story before submitting it to a publisher, but would certainly read through it before it goes anywhere.

Let Down Your Hair.  Again, I would hope to see this available again. I would certainly be sorting out the changing name of the Queen and doing some tweaks to make a few things clearer.  In light of one particularly bad review of this story (Elspeth at Goodreads in case anyone is curious) I may do more than tweaking of it.

Only in Your Dreams.  This one I am genuinely not sure what I am going to do with.  It is my poorest seller and a book that people just don’t seem to like.  This one may not see the light of day again.

Driving Me Crazy. This is a short story that has been available for several years now. It has received a lot of criticism and I am afraid I will probably always remember it as being the first book of mine to get really bad reviews. It has even been described as “the worst” over at Goodreads.  I will probably let this one go out of print.

Skin Deep. This is another short story that I suspect has had its run.  I may consider extending the story somewhat and submitting it to a publisher, but it is not very likely. This one is another I will probably let go out of print.

Hey, Baby.  This one I would like to see available again at some point.  I don’t think I would be making any drastic revisions to it before submitting it to a publisher.

The Other Man.  This is another I am not too sure about.  I think I may consider extending the story a little and changing the ending and then submitting it to a publisher.  I am hoping to take on board the criticisms it has received from reviewers and try to make it a better story.

Someone Like You.  Again, I may do some serious tweaking and re-writing of the ending of this one before submitting it anywhere else.  Again, this is my thoughts having seen some pretty bad reviews of the story and in particular complaints about the ending.

One Perfect Wish.  I would like to get this one posted as a free blog story, which was my intention if it was rejected by Silver Publishing.

Of course, concerning those that are already published and out there, if I do resubmit them to another publisher I will have to force myself to go to Goodreads and see what all the new complaints are about them before I work on any revisions.  Since I have not been there in over a year I shudder to think what delights await me. It may be that what I read there makes me reconsider having them re-published at all.

I don’t want to leave the Heavenly Sins series unfinished, but everything else I could change my mind on entirely.  After all, nothing kills my inclination to write as quickly as seeing that someone has hated one of my stories so much they feel the need to warn everyone not to read them.

Of course, this is on the assumption I get my rights back some time soon.  I have no way of knowing if I will until I hear from Silver Publishing in response to my email.

So, that is my thoughts on what I would hopefully like to do with my books at such time that I get my rights back.

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