Guest Blogger – Vicktor Alexander

It’s time for another guest to take over my blog, so please welcome Vicktor Alexander, who has been kind enough to answer my interview questions.

Bestselling author of GLBTQ fiction, Vicktor Alexander doesn’t believe that love only comes in one form, one race, one gender and that not only is gender fluid but sexuality as well. He enjoys writing about shifters, humanoids, cowboys, firemen, rent boys, fairies, elves, dancers, doctors, Doms, Subs, and anything else that catches his fancy, all sexy men falling in love with each other and having lots of naughty, dirty, man-on-man sex. While all of Vicktor’s characters all ride off into the proverbial sunset, all sexually satisfied and in love (because it’s the least he can do), they all bear the scars of fighting for that love, just like in real life. Vicktor loves to make people laugh (and guys hot) and when he’s not writing, or rather, procrastinating in writing, he’s reading, playing the Sims 3, hanging out with very supportive friends who all know what he writes and encourages it, talking to his adopted daughter affectionately nicknamed Chipmunk, seeking the man or men who can handle his crazy, stressful, soap opera-esque life, hosting the popular blog radio show, Write On the Edge, letting his philanthropic and entrepreneurial brain juices flow and come up with all kinds of new ideas, and being distracted from said writing by pictures and videos of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying of Pentatonix, Charlie David and Shemar Moore.

Is there any genre(s) that you haven’t written yet which you would like to?  If so, which genre(s)?

I honestly think that I’ve written in every genre that I want to, but I haven’t published all of them just yet. I’ve written M/F Romance, F/F Romance, Non-Fiction, Poetry, SciFi, Fantasy, Historical, Paranormal, Contemporary, Horror, Suspense, Thriller, BDSM… they all just haven’t been finished or published yet. If I haven’t attempted it yet I’m probably not drawn to it.

What do you think makes for a good hero and/or heroine?

Someone who is broken and/or flawed but who rises above that, heals that part of themselves, in order to make the world a better place for the people around them. Someone who is selfless. Someone willing to accept their shortcomings, admit their faults, and to forgive. I believe every good hero and/or heroine not only forgives but knows when to ask for forgiveness.

Which do you find easier to write: series or standalone stories?

LOL. I would love to say standalone but I’d be lying. All I write is series it seems. I have two books that are “standalones”: The Besties is one and The Dancer & The Janitor is another one. Everything else I write always turns into a series. So for me a series is easier because I’m the type of reader who wants to know that the characters that I have fallen in love with make it beyond “The End.” I want to know that five, ten, fifteen, twenty years down the road they’re still happy and in love. Maybe they had kids together. Maybe they’ve gone on a few trips. Maybe they moved. These are things that I want to know and sometimes an epilogue just isn’t enough. With a series, I can fall in love with a new couple and still catch up with the old one(s). So it’s easier for me because I’ve fallen so in love with them that it’s simple.

What do you enjoy most about writing?

Discovering the characters. Their pasts, their families, friends, their environment. I get to create history for an entire world of people, even if I set the book in a contemporary setting, I still get to create history for my characters and then I get to weave and stick and orchestrate and watch as this history twists, turns, dances and glows until it intertwines and weaves with these other strands that I’ve created from these other characters to become this beautiful story that I then get to share with everyone.

How do you keep disciplined in your writing?

I try to write something every day. Even if it’s only a couple hundred words. I try to write something because it keeps my brain engaged and my creative juices flowing. I have a whole routine, I know that after I’ve had half a cup of coffee it’s time for me to start writing. And I know that by the time my stomach is cramping from lack of nourishment it’s time for food and then back to work. I work until 4-6am every day and sleep until 8-9am no matter what time I went to sleep. Discipline is good but so is a little bit of flexibility and I know when I get to the point where I can’t work up the energy or the motivation to write that I’ve burned out and it’s time to give myself a day or two to rest.

How did you get into male/male romances?  What do you like about writing them?

Change of Heart by Mary Calmes. LOL. I was working at Walmart in Auburndale, Florida. I’d just discovered the wonder that is Audible on my phone and I would listen to audiobooks while I worked. At the time I was still in the closet and I knew nothing about gay romance, but I really liked romance books because I’m a romantic at heart so I would buy books by Brenda Jackson, Stephanie Laurens, Susan Mallery and the lot because they weren’t big “bodice-rippers” and the women were all independent, strong women and that made me happy (plus the dudes were HOT so that really kept my interest). So one day I went to purchase some books and I saw a cover for this book: Change of Heart. On my tiny phone screen it looked as if there was a topless woman with her back to the screen in the arms of a man. It intrigued me and I bought it without reading the blurb. I started listening to book and by the time I realized it was a gay romance I was hooked. After that I was voracious and got my grubby little hands on whatever I could.

I love writing the struggle between the two men. I love writing how they overcome life’s obstacles, homophobia, and how they deal with the restrictive gender stereotypes and gender roles that people and society try to place on them. I love writing the romance and the love between them. And of course, I love, love, love writing the sex. It’s hot.

How did you get into female/female romances?  What do you like about writing them?

My daughter came out to me and kept pestering me about writing a lesbian romance. I kept telling her no and then finally I told her I would. It’s in its beginning stages and its part of a series but I’m writing one. Perhaps she’ll leave me alone now.

So far? I like that I can write the emotion between the women without worrying that someone is going to say that they’re a “wimp” or being “too emotional” or that it’s “unbelievable” that they would cry. Because they’re women and that’s supposed to be more “acceptable” right? I don’t agree with it, but it’s nice to not have that hanging over my head. Plus I’m imagining the two women as Jennifer Aniston and Gabrielle Union. Both very attractive.

If you also write male/female romances, which do you find easier to write?

Male/male is much easier for me. Whenever I have to write about female genitalia I blush and cover my face. Which makes the lesbian romance that I’m writing very interesting.

Despite the growing market for same sex romances, it is still a long way from being mainstream.  Do you see a time when they make it to the bestseller lists?

Absolutely. It may take a long time, as you stated, but I am an eternal realistic optimist. So it may take more big name celebrities coming out, or standing for same sex relationships, more television shows and movies, songs geared towards same sex relationships, more sports stars and musicians coming out, more politicians, more states passing marriage equality, but eventually it will be acceptable all across the board and we’ll see those same sex romances on the bestseller lists right alongside the mainstream ones.

What is the best and/or worst reaction you have had after telling someone you write same sex romances?

Best reaction? The woman asked me what my name was, I told her, she asked how to spell it and she immediately went online and bought all of my books. She wanted to read them and she also wanted to share them with her grandson who was gay.

Worst reaction? My stepfather talked about how disgusting it was and how sick I was for writing it and that God wasn’t pleased. –shrugs- But he’s one of those who is only religious when it suits him.

If you were a shape-shifter, what animal would you be?

An alpha wolf, most definitely. One with black fur.

If you could travel through time to the past, do you think you’d survive in your favourite time period?

LOL. No. Not if I retained the same skin colour and stayed gay (which I know I would) because I’d be going back into the medieval time period and yeah, I’d be dead in like the first hour.

If you could have any magical power at all, what would it be?

Invisibility. No. X-ray. No. Healing. Yeah. Healing most definitely. Because I’d rid the world of cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s, MS, Diabetes, and every other disease or injury out there.

What is your favourite kink to read/write about?

Rimming. Wait. Is that a kink? I don’t really think so. That’s like a snack to me. It’s like have coffee, breakfast, write, write, write, have lunch, rim my lover’s ass, fuck, write, write, write, rim my lover’s ass again, fuck, have dinner, have dessert, shower, fuck, watch tv, rim my lover’s ass, fuck, go to bed. And I write it into every, single book that I write.

So since rimming isn’t a kink to me I’d have to say BDSM. Most definitely.

What do you like to do to relax when you aren’t writing?

Read. Watch a movie. Listen to music. Work out. Watch tv. Paint/sketch or cook.

Who are your favourite authors when reading for inspiration?

Mary Calmes, Ally Blue, Amy Lane, Stormy Glenn, Gabrielle Evans, Jana Downs, Andrew Grey, Lynn Hagen, Scarlet Hyacinth, Cardeno C., JP Barnaby, NJ Nielsen, Toni Griffin, Ariel Tachna, Damon Suede, TJ Klune, William Neale (RIP), Brenda Jackson, Susan Mallery, Lori Wick, Zane (I definitely go to her when I need a kick in my sexual mojo), LM Brown, Lyssa Samuels, and Marcy Jacks.

LM blushing here since she has never been listed as an inspirational/favourite author before.  *hugs Vicktor*

What are your favourite books?

They are WAY too many to list. I will just say that they come from the authors mentioned above. How about that? I have multiple copies from some of them (I have bought Ally Blue’s Untamed Heart 6 times) and others I have read their books over and over and over again (not sure how many times I read Stormy Glenn’s Just A Taste of Me). So I can’t really choose just a couple. I can tell you that Amy Lane’s book Bolt Hole still gives me chills because I saw myself in the main character from when I was in high school and I am so extremely glad that she wrote that book. I can tell you that Andrew Grey’s A Heart Without Borders made me cry. I can tell you that Mary Calmes’s Timing series always brings a smile to my face and that I not only have all of her books (in triplicate or quadruplet) on ebook, but I have them all in paperback as well. I can tell you that I can’t even think about reading a William Neale book now without reading our emails to each other either before or after I read the book. And I can tell you that I can read a Gabrielle Evans, Jana Downs, Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Lyssa Samuels or Marcy Jacks book in one sitting, without stopping, in one day and miss a few meals in the process.

Do you enjoy films and/or TV shows?  Which are your favourites?

Yes I do! LOL.

Let’s see, when it comes to movies, again that’s too many to name. I can tell you that while I don’t understand it, my favourite movie is: One Fine Day starring Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney. I also love The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Monty Python, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Valentine’s Day, 12 Years A Slave, Crash, An American in Paris, Paris When It Sizzles… see? Too many to name.

TV Shows: I’m going to stick to the ones that are still on, otherwise we’ll be here forever. LOL. Let’s see: How I Met Your Mother, Mom, Mike & Molly, Glee, Psych, The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, Criminal Minds, The Middle, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Love Thy Neighbor, The Haves & The Have Nots, Supernatural, The Carrie Diaries, Raising Hope, The Exes, Super Fun Night, The Blacklist, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, New Girl, Archer, and Hollywood Game Night.

Do you like to travel?  What are your favourite places to visit?

I LOVE to travel. New York City is an awesome place to visit as is Chicago and San Diego. I enjoyed Las Vegas though I didn’t get to experience it like I would have liked. I enjoyed Wichita Falls, TX but I’d love to spend some time actually in Dallas and Houston, exploring and not working it. I enjoyed Charlotte, NC. I really love it there. And I love Atlanta. I’ve been there a lot.

Is there anywhere you would like to visit which you have not had chance to yet?

I want to visit Boston, Miami, Italy, Madrid, Paris, Israel, Nairobi, Brazil, Okinawa, and Hawaii.

Do you like history?  If so, what is your favourite era and why?

I LOVE history. I am a HUGE history nerd. My favourite era is the Medieval period. I’m not exactly sure if it’s the writings that came out of that time period or the clothing or even the illicit liaisons that took place in the ton, but that has been my favourite era since I was a kid.

Do you like to cook?  What is your specialty dish?

I LOVE to cook!!! Oh you hit on my love button right there! LOL. My specialty dish? I have a few of them: chicken fettucini alfredo with broccoli, lasagne, breaded parmesan encrusted cayenne pepper chicken wings, cherry pie, apple pie, yams, shepherd’s pie, “Catrina’s Cajun Spaghetti,” homemade cinnamon rolls, and turkey (I’m a master at making turkey).

What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?

Daddy’s Boy is the book that I’m currently working on, while I do edits for Dakota (vampire doctors & human nerds with children) which releases from MLR on May 2nd and I sit around and wait anxiously for word on Groom of Convenience. Daddy’s Boy is a contemporary romance about a “rent-boy” who refuses to refer to himself as such. It is already contracted with Rooster & Pig Publishing and already has a cover. I’m really excited! And I just had a release last week, The Beginning (Sons of Adam) which released from Rooster & Pig Publishing.


Ronny Parker has always been aware that there was more to life outside of his Harlem apartment. When he goes to work one morning at Starbucks, he finds himself coming face to face with a reality that he was not prepared for. He finds himself the eyewitness to a fight between two shifters, a wolf and a lion, one of which bites Ronny and calls him “mate.” When Ronny wakes up the next morning, he finds himself thrust into a world neither his family, nor his teachers, ever taught him about and he does the only thing he can do. He starts to investigate.

Cole Tronk has been taught from an early age that he is never to mate a human, never reveal his true nature to a human, and that he cannot be gay. But when he gets into a fight with his oldest friend outside of a Starbucks and finds himself smelling the most intoxicating scent ever, he throws all of those rules out of the window. Before long, Cole and his mate, Ronny, are on the run from the governing body of the paranormals, humans who have now discovered that paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals exist, and someone from Ronny’s past who is determined to kill them both.

Along the way, Cole and Ronny meet up with a group of paranormals, magicks, and supernaturals who are also gay, and who are researching the true history of the world and creation. What they find will not only change their lives, but the entire world and the future. Will Ronny and Cole’s mating survive all of these obstacles? When a millennia-old lie comes back to bite them in the ass, will Ronny and Cole be able to deal with the consequences?


Cole let out a bark of laughter before leaning forward to sniff at the column of Ronny’s neck. He let out a low growl before licking the skin there. Ronny shivered so hard he thought he would fly apart as the front of his pants grew wet with his pre-cum.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered and clenched his fists against the wall.

Something inside of him wanted to reach out to Cole. He wanted to bring the other man against his body, preferably with both of them naked. He wanted to feel Cole thrusting inside of him. He ached deep inside for… something. He didn’t know what, but he knew that it was somehow the most important thing ever. He noticed that his breath and Cole’s seemed to be in sync and he watched, amazed that whenever he breathed out, Cole inhaled and vice versa. It was as if they were each other’s air.

Riiight, he mentally scoffed. I am not some fucking twink in a romance novel.

Giving himself a mental shake, Ronny raised his hands to push Cole away, who seemed to have gotten so much closer to him in the few seconds it took for Ronny to think. His hands landed on firm pecs and, though he’d told himself that he was pushing the other man away, he found himself squeezing the flesh instead, his palms grazed by the puckered nipples on Cole’s chest.

“Shit,” Cole growled.

It was Ronny’s only warning before sharp pain pierced the join of his neck and left shoulder as Cole, the lion man, buried his fangs into Ronny’s skin. Ronny let out a loud yell, that quickly turned into a moan as the pain became pleasure. Sweet, overwhelming, delicious pleasure. The kind that had him humping Cole’s thigh where it rested between his own legs. It was a pleasure so amazing that it took him a moment to realize that not only had he just cum in his work pants, effectively ruining them, but that he’d just let some fucking lion man bite him.

He told himself that he was going to push Cole away, but his hands seemed to not be listening to him and instead they rose to wrap around Cole’s neck as the other man groaned and drank Ronny’s blood. After a moment, when Ronny was starting to feel just slightly weak, Cole let go of his neck and licked the wounds. He kissed the skin there and began to purr. At first, it freaked Ronny out, but, after a moment, he found himself more turned on by the purring than he’d been by the bite to his neck.

The bite to his—hold the hell on!

Ronny shoved Cole away from him. Jabbing a finger into Cole’s chest, he glared and let out his own growl. “You fucking bit me, you psycho!”

Cole smirked. “You loved it,” he pointed out, crossing his massive arms across his broad chest.

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