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Please welcome another L.M. to my blog today, L.M. Somerton is here to be interviewed and talk about her new book, Rasputin’s Kiss.

First of all, please would you introduce yourself to anyone lurking here?

I live in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep. I started writing to fill time between jobs and am now firmly and unashamedly addicted.

I love the English weather, especially the rain, and adore a thunderstorm. I love good food, warm company and a crackling fire. I’m fascinated by the psychology of relationships, especially between men, and my stories contain some subtle (and not so subtle) leanings towards BDSM.

What made you decide to start writing?

I was between jobs and bored. A gay friend of mine reckoned it was impossible for a straight girl to write decent MM romance and that was like a red rag to a bull. Eight books later he’s eating his words!

Do you write your stories in order from start to finish or do you write out of order?

I write in order, but sometimes scribble an odd paragraph if a good line strikes me.

Do you plot out the stories before you start writing, or do you let the characters take over? Or is it a bit of both?

I map out the plot but sometimes it runs its own course. I have the end firmly in mind though.

Which of your own characters is your favourite and why?

Conor from my latest book, Rasputin’s Kiss. He was my first, so he’s special! I like that he’s strong but with a hint of vulnerability.

What are the best and worst things about being a published author?

The best – every email or comment from a reader who has enjoyed one of my stories. The worst – the wait after publication to see if anyone likes what I’ve slaved over!

Despite the growing market for same sex romances, it is still a long way from being mainstream. Do you see a time when they make it to the bestseller lists?

I sincerely hope so. I think it’s coming closer all the time. I’d love to see the UK lead the way but I suspect minds may be more open elsewhere.

What is the best and/or worst reaction you have had after telling someone you write same sex romances?

The best – “You’re published? That’s amazing!”

The worst – “It would be okay to talk about it if you wrote cookery books.”

There seems to be some controversy about heterosexual women writing male/male romances, and whether they should or not. Have you encountered this and what is your opinion on the matter?

It’s how I got started – writing in the genre was a challenge I couldn’t resist. I’ve had some lovely comments from male readers so hopefully I’m on the right track. I think it’s hard to write well if you don’t enjoy your subject or genre, gender has nothing to do with it.

What is your favourite genre to write/read?

MM BDSM in both cases!

If you were a shape-shifter, what animal would you be?

I’d like to be a big cat – maybe a black panther.

If you could have any magical power at all, what would it be?

To eat what I liked and never put on weight.  🙂

What is your favourite kink to read/write about?

I write BDSM, I couldn’t possibly pick one! Okay, if I really have to… chastity I think. I like to torment my boys a bit. From a reader’s point of view, it’s the power exchange that does it for me rather than the tools used.

What do you like to do to relax when you aren’t writing?

I spend way too much time reading but I also love walking, travelling and cooking. I still work full time so most spare minutes are spent writing!

What is your favourite genre to read?

Outside of my genre I love urban fantasy and science fiction.

Do you like to travel? What are your favourite places to visit?

I travelled a lot when I was younger and worked in the travel industry so I’ve got around a bit. I loved Java and the islands of the Caribbean. Canada and the USA and Australia are all favourites too.

Is there anywhere you would like to visit which you have not had chance to yet?

I’ve always wanted to see Macchu Picchu in Peru.

What are you working on at the moment, and what are we likely to see from you in the coming months?

I’m working on the third book in the Investigating Love series, just starting book five in the Tales from the Edge series and working on another project that I’m keeping secret for now. Lots to do and not enough time to do it!

Please tell us about your latest book.

Rasputin’s Kiss – Book Blurb:

Rasputin’s kiss is lethal. He’s a ghost – killing and disappearing into the night. With few leads and four bodies on his conscience, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his team are running on empty and it’s only a matter of time before Rasputin strikes again.

When Alex recruits a young detective to play the part of his boyfriend and provide a tempting target for a killer, he knows he is taking a huge risk. He doesn’t expect Conor Trethuan to be a perfect potential submissive. When their mutual attraction becomes more, Alex has to face the conflict between his possessive instincts and the need to push his young lover into danger.

Investigating their feelings has to come second to investigating the case. There’s no time to decide if what they feel for each other is real. With Rasputin closing in, they may not live to find out.


They walked in companionable silence to a small Italian restaurant just around the corner from the station and sat at a table next to the window. The whole place was a cliché, with red and white checked tablecloths, candles in old Chianti bottles coated with solidified drips of wax and laminated menus that had seen better days. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, though, and the whole place smelt of herbs and spices.

A short, rotund man bustled over and greeted Alex like a long-lost member of his family. After effusive introductions that seemed to include most of the staff and half the customers in the restaurant, fresh bread with aromatic olive oil was left to tide them over while their food was prepared. Alex ordered for both of them, watching Conor as he did. The overt act of dominance made Conor smile wryly. He wondered if Alex had expected him to be annoyed. A brief look of satisfaction crossed Alex’s face and that gave Conor his answer. Conor dipped a piece of warm bread in oil and held it to his mouth, allowing the slick liquid to spread across his lips. He took a bite then slowly ran his tongue over his lower lip, chasing a stray drop of oil. Alex’s eyes widened and a hint of colour bloomed on his cheeks. Conor smiled innocently.

I think I have a wolf in sheep’s clothing here, Alex thought to himself. Well, an enthusiastic pup anyway. He could imagine smearing that oil in all kinds of interesting places. It was a delight to watch Conor eat. He twirled his linguine expertly, complimented the chef politely and smiled shyly at the waitress who couldn’t take her eyes off him. He didn’t encourage her any more, though, and Alex was secretly pleased about that. He bristled at the sight of other people casting flirtatious looks at Conor. Unfortunately that seemed to happen when anyone noticed him. Conor drew admiring glances from every woman in the place, and jealous ones from the men they were with. Alex wanted to growl at them, make it clear that Conor was not available, and maybe put a paper bag over Conor’s head so that everyone would stop lusting after him. Still Conor seemed comfortable in his company and was attentive. He wasn’t distracted by any of the attention—in fact he seemed completely oblivious to it.

An hour, and a pleasantly full stomach, later Alex decided it was time to let his latest recruit know what he was really in for. Alex wasn’t looking forward to confessing, but it had to be done. Both he and Conor had stuck to mineral water with their meals so he couldn’t take advantage of senses dulled by alcohol, which might have made things easier. Now they sat with tiny cups of rich, dark espresso in front of them and there were no more excuses or distractions. Alex took a deep breath and tried to focus on what he needed to say. Okay maybe there was still a distraction—a beautiful, dark-haired one sitting just across the table. Alex lost his train of thought as he admired the snug fit of Conor’s shirt, which effectively demonstrated a nicely tapered torso. How did the man manage to make a simple blue shirt look so fucking sexy? Maybe it was the open collar that displayed his graceful neck, or the rolled up sleeves that revealed smooth, toned forearms? The leather strap of his watch could so easily be a cuff, buckled tightly…

© L M Somerton

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Where can we find you and your books on the web?


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